How To Manually Reset Your Titanium
How To Manually Reset Your Titanium
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How To Manually Reset Your Titanium

After turning on and pairing your AfterShokz headphones, knowing how to manually reset them might just be the next most important thing.

Need to pair your headphones to a different device? Start by resetting your headphones. Having trouble re-connecting your headphones to your device? Try resetting your headphones. Hearing a crackling sound when you’re listening to music? Resetting your headphones can resolve this issue too!

To reset Titanium:

  1. Start with your headphones turned off.
  1. Enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the power/volume+ button for 5-7 seconds. Your headphones will turn on, and then the LED light will flash red and blue.
  1. Press and hold the multifunction button, power/volume+ button and volume- button (all three buttons) simultaneously for 3-5 seconds. You'll hear 2 beeps and/or feel vibrations.
  1. Turn your headphones off.

Your headphones are now reset and can be re-paired to your device. If you need assistance with performing the manual reset, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at