Bluez 2/2S FAQs

How does the Bluez 2 multifunction button work?
A multifunction button delivers complete control of music and calls right from the unit, which means your mobile device can remain safely tucked away during use.
    • Pause/play music: Click the multifunction button once. The headphones will beep and your music will pause/play.
    • Skip to next song: Double click the multifunction button to skip the song. The headphones will beep once, and the headphones will skip to the following song.
    • Answer or end a call: Click the multifunction button to answer or end a call, followed along with two beeps or single beep separately.
    • Redial last number: Double click the multifunction button to redial last number; the voice prompt is “last number redial”.
    • Voice dial: Hold the multifunction button for two seconds to start the function of voice dial.
    • Answer the second incoming call and hang up current call: Press and hold the multifunction button for two seconds.
    • Answer the second incoming call and hold on the current call: Click the multifunction button to answer the second incoming call, and click the multifunction button again to switch to the previous phone call.
    • Note: Some features are phone/network dependent. 

How do I pair Bluez 2 to my mobile device?

While the device is turned off, press and hold the power button for five seconds, at which point the LED indicator will begin flashing in alternating red/blue and Audrey’s voice will prompt by the word: “pairing”. On the electronic device that you’re pairing your headphones with, locate the Bluetooth menu and select “Bluez 2 by AfterShokz”. Enter “0000” if a password is required. Bluez 2 will be connected within seconds and Audrey’s voice will prompt with the word, “Device one connected”. Please note, if the power button is pressed and held for two seconds and then released, Bluez 2 will turn on and automatically reconnect with the previously paired device within 10 seconds.

How do I reset my Bluez 2?

To reset Bluez 2, first enter pairing mode, then press and hold the multifunction button and volume up/down buttons for three seconds, and you will hear two beeps. This will reset your headphones. Please note that a reset erases all paired devices stored in your headset.

What battery life can I expect from my Bluez 2?

A single two-hour charge will reliably deliver six hours of music play and talk time. If you're in a hurry, a quick 15-minute charge provides enough boost to get you through a long workout or marathon call.

How do I charge my Bluez 2?

Connect Bluez 2 to a standard USB port on your PC or wall charger with the included micro-USB charging cable. You'll find the port to connect the charging cable between the power and volume control buttons. The LED indicator will show solid red when charging, and will turn solid blue when the device is fully charged. Though the headphones may have power right out of the box, it’s recommended that Bluez 2 be fully charged before their first use. The battery is designed to last the life of the product and it should only be removed by a recycling facility. Please note that any attempt to remove or replace your battery may damage the product and void the warranty.

I've misplaced my Bluez 2 tension band and/or charging cable — is it possible to get a replacement?

Sure. If your tension band is lost or damaged, please contact Customer Service to begin processing your replacement. The charging cable is a standard micro-USB, so you may have one for another device that can be used; but if not, our Customer Service team will be happy to send a replacement.


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