Accessibility FAQs

Can AfterShokz be used as a hearing aid or a personal sound amplification device (PSAD)? 

Unfortunately no. Though many people with hearing loss find bone conducted sound to work for them, the sound coming from the transducers is limited to the audio fed from the connected mobile device. 

Can AfterShokz be used in conjunction with a hearing aid? 

Yes. Because our headphones don't go inside or over the ear, those wearing hearing aids can wear them to hear music and other audio from a connected mobile device with complete comfort. 

I am deaf or having hearing loss in one or both of my ears. Would AfterShokz be a solution for me?

Many people with varying levels of hearing loss and deafness are able to experience great quality stereo sound using AfterShokz, in some cases for the first time in their lives! Bone conduction uses the cheekbones to transmit sound to the inner ears, bypassing the eardrums completely. However, those with damage to the cochlea wouldn't likely benefit from bone conduction in the same way.