Pancake Day Is Here. Are You Ready?
Pancake Day Is Here. Are You Ready?
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Pancake Day Is Here. Are You Ready?

🚨 PSA: National Pancake Day is officially here! 🚨 For those of you who have been pinning + planning the meal of your dreams for weeks: 1. we admire you and 2. we seriously need to get on your level. But to the Pancake Day newcomers out there, don't stress! We'll help you find a fit + fun flapjack recipe just in time for brunch!

Here are just a few ways to change up your pancake game for National Pancake Day (and for the healthier, too!): 

1. Going out for brunch? Healthify your order with these tips:

  • Ask your server if they offer any white flour substitutes such as, whole wheat flour or almond flour.
  • Ditch the maple syrup (oh so sugary!), or portion it out yourself. 
  • Ask for no butter (on top) and portion it out yourself. 
  • Skip the whip cream, or ask for it on the side. Pancake pro-tip: Try a dollop of plain greek yogurt instead. 

2. Enjoy your pancakes as a post-workout treat!

Pack your pancakes with protein! One way to do this is to swap out flour for protein powder – full recipes here. Or, forget the flour and create an egg and banana based pancake with this 3 ingredient recipe. Want more? Check out this list for even more protein packed recipes!

3. Sensitive to dairy? Don’t let that stop you from the pancake of your dreams!

    Skip the dairy milk and try using almond or coconut milk in your batter instead. If you're making a vegan pancake, vegetable oil can work as a substitute for eggs ( recommends ¼ cup of vegetable oil for every egg) and margarine can be used instead of butter.

    4. Mix-ins change everything!

    If there's one thing we know about pancakes, it's that mix-ins + toppings are a total game changer. And we're not talking about ice cream and sprinkles! Mmm lemon blueberry (gluten free) pancakes, banana sweet potato pancakes, apple oatmeal pancakes, vegan pumpkin pancakes...oh, are we drooling? Sorry! 

    Which pancake recipe are you willing to try this #PancakeDay?

    Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Or, share your #PancakeDay pic on Instagram and tag us @myaftershokz.