Graphic of four Shokz products. Top row from right to left: OpenMove, OpenComm UC. Bottom row from left to right: OpenRun Pro, OpenRun
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Why These Shokz Are The Best In Class

May we have your attention, ShokzSquad? Are you trapped in a school daze? Struggling with work tunnel vision? Allow us to offer up the perfect study break. The Best in Class votes have been tallied and the results are in! Continue reading to find out which Shokz products rule the bone conduction school.

The Results Are In

Most Valuable Product: OpenRun

Waterproof durability and lightweight comfort are just a few reasons why OpenRun has been popular since its freshman year in 2019. Add 8-hour battery life and countless industry awards to the mix and there's no reason why you shouldn't make our best-selling sports headphones your own. Shop OpenRun wireless headphones here.

Most Likely To Succeed: OpenComm UC

With open-ear comfort, all-day battery life, computer compatibility, and an adjustable boom mic, this headset is going places. Enjoy seamless connection and compatibility with the help of our Loop 100 wireless adapter. Additional features like water-resistant durability and multipoint pairing let you master your office and work-from-home environments. Shop the Shokz OpenComm UC bone conduction wireless headset here

Future Hall Of Famer: OpenRun Pro

Thanks to 9th generation sound technology and 10-hour battery life, Pro is already our newest premium headphones' last name. Need we say more? In case we do, additional features like water-resistant durability, open-ear comfort, and Quick Charge make an even more convincing case for OpenRun Pro to go to distance. Shop Shokz OpenRun Pro, our new premium bone conduction sports headphones for running here

Rookie Of The Ear: OpenMove

Top-of-the-class bone conduction technology at a great value makes this headphone perfect for Shokz newbies. In addition to offering an ideal entry-level, open-ear experience, Shokz OpenMove sports headphones deliver 6 hours of battery life, customizable EQ modes, and IP55 water-resistant and sweat-resistant protection so you can do whatever moves you without compromising on comfort and connection. Shop OpenMove wireless headphones here

Ready to join the in-crowd? Shop all Shokz headphones now here