Why I Run With My AfterShokz Blog
Why I Run With My AfterShokz Blog
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Why I Run With My AfterShokz Blog

Since our beginning in 2011, one of our biggest AfterShokz goals has always been to provide a safe, motivating solution for runners. In honor of Global Running Day on June 2, 2021, we decided to ask our ShokzSquad how wearing AfterShokz has changed the way they run for the better. Your responses were everything we could have hoped for and more––we’re so grateful to be able to make a difference in your lives. Check out the responses below, and be sure to tell us why you run with your Shokz on social media using the hashtag #WhyIShokz. 

“Thanks to AfterShokz I never have to run outside in fear of not hearing a car, an animal out on the trail, or even things quieter like a cyclist or another runner. I can jam out on my runs to my favorite pump-up songs while being completely aware of my surroundings. The bone conduction technology is fantastic. I discovered AfterShokz headphones about 3 years ago and will never go back. The sound quality is excellent - so I don't feel like I'm sacrificing quality for safety - I 100% get the best of both worlds here. “ - @selko1090, Instagram User

“I do a lot of road running, especially early in the morning when it's still dark. It's hard to focus on paying attention to everything going on while also enjoying music. For a while, I had the in-ear headphones, but I almost got hit by a car backing out because I didn't hear them backing out. They obviously didn't see me running either. Since then, with the Aftershokz, I have been able to hear what's going around my surroundings more and haven't had any near misses since.” - Chris H. 

“I can always run with music without sacrificing my safety to hear others using the trails.” - Nick 

“Much more freedom without cords.” - Christina M. 

“I don't have to stop to try to refit sweaty, too-big earbuds back into my ears! I can hear the birds calling to each other as I enjoy an early-morning run! I can hear neighbors calling a greeting! And, most importantly, I can hear the traffic that might be coming up behind me so I can safely get out of their way!” - Iris K. 

“I was not comfortable in other earbuds. They did not fit well in my ear and came loose.  I searched for small earbuds for athletes and found AfterShokz. I ordered the mini and love the feel. I was attacked while running and don't like to be unaware of sounds in my surroundings.  Being able to hear reduces the stress. Also, I walk to work and use them at my desk. I can have a conversation with coworkers and leave AfterShokz in place. No issues with wearing a mask. :)” - Pat

“I couldn’t comfortably run and jam out with music before Aftershokz. Thanks to a perfect fit and the ability to safely listen to music while running alone, I’ve increased my mileage on the weekends because it’s time for ME and only ME, which is so important to have as a mom to young kids!” - Ainsilie H. 

“Much more aware of bikes and cars while still enjoying music and audiobooks.” - Randy H. 

“I no longer have sore ears. I used to get sore ears from earbuds because I have small ears. I could never find earbuds that sounded good and fit my ears. I got a pair of the Xtrainerz and now I can run cord-free and without sore ears.” - Mark M. 

“I am so much more aware of my surroundings, a definite safety advantage in the city! Even while listening to music or a podcast, I am able to hear traffic, a cyclist approaching from behind, chatter from runners nearby, and even the birdsong early in the morning.” - Laura H.H. 

“AfterShokz are the reason I can run with music again! I love being able to listen to my music and my surroundings at the same time. They are a key accessory when I head out for early morning runs. AfterShokz are also key on race day, because I can take my music with me for motivation and quiet parts of the course, but still hear important race announcements and runners around me. I absolutely love every pair I’ve owned, and I love that the openness lets me hear everything.” - Apryl T. 

“They have made me more conscious of my surroundings. I can hear traffic before I see it. It allows me to manage intersections safely.” - Keith W. 

“AfterShokz permit me to enjoy my music, and I use the beat [of the music] to enhance my running, while still being able to hear everything going on around me. They let me enjoy myself while keeping me safe.” - Reuben J.R. 

“I have never felt more safe on my runs while still getting to enjoy my favourite music. I can actually hear when people are coming up behind me, vehicles, and people saying hello. I never feel like I need to take them off my head to hear something. I actually forget I have them on when I get home.” - Bailey G. 

Do you have a running with your AfterShokz story? Share your experience with us here.