Man wearing the AfterShokz OpenComm headset while on a work video call
Man wearing the AfterShokz OpenComm headset while on a work video call
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Why I Connect With AfterShokz OpenComm

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our customers using their AfterShokz in every aspect of their lives, from work to play. Last month, we asked you to share how wearing AfterShokz OpenComm has helped you crush your professional goals, stay connected with team members, and tackle everyday work tasks with open-ear ease, and your answers were everything. 

Check out some of the responses below and be sure to tell us why you work with your Shokz on social media when you use the hashtag #WhyIConnect. 

As a blind consultant, I spend a lot of time on phone calls with clients. I use a screen reader on my computer and thanks to Aftershokz’s OpenComm, I can easily communicate with my clients and hear my screen reader at work. 

Additionally, there is nothing more plesant than going for long walks with my guide dog Wesley and enjoying listening to my podcast That Real Blind Tech show. […] As someone who is blind, you want to be listening when crossing a street. OpenComm’s design quickly allows me to [...] safely get across the street.” - Brian F. 

Wearing OpenComm helps me to focus on what my clients are saying without the distractions of annoying headsets that hurt my ears. OpenComm discreetly shows my clients that I take what they are saying seriously since I took the time to up-level how I listen to them.- Cassidy N. 

The OpenComm headset fits right in with [my company’s] beliefs, keeping me comfortable with the many hours we spend on Zoom calls each week…[and making] it possible for me to take calls anywhere, anytime! With the awesome, adjustable boom microphone that mutes background noise...I can be sure my clients can hear me loud and clear. - Genevieve M. 

“OpenComm brings quality sound to both ears, allowing me to really tune in to meetings, and the mic ensures that I can be heard while blocking out outside noise...When we head back into the office, [I can] jump from phone call, to music, and still hear if a colleague calls my name.” - Morgan D. 

“Working from home as a finance professional, the most important piece of equipment to maintain my professionalism isn’t my dress shirt (of course paired with not pictured comfy pants) but rather my OpenComm...this headset gives me confidence that my audience can clearly hear me even when a new pot of coffee is loudly being brewed nearby.” - Bradley G. 

“I use my OpenComm on a daily basis for my appearances, meetings, and presentations, as well as just listening to music while I’m working on reports and emails...They last throughout the day and I cannot recommend them more!” - Kurtis M. 

Why do you connect with OpenComm? Let us know on social using the #WhyIConnect, or use our form