Why AfterShokz Is A Top Pick For This Running Group
Why AfterShokz Is A Top Pick For This Running Group
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Why AfterShokz Is A Top Pick For This Running Group

Our original ShokzStar, Rob Rowald, recently asked the members of his running group why they loved their AfterShokz wireless bone conduction headphones. Spoiler alert: they're big fans. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Kat, Minnesota: They have absolutely made me feel safer. I thought with my traditional headphones that I could still hear enough of what was going on around me. With these, I've actually avoided being hit by drivers who never looked before turning because I could hear their engines. I also feel safer because I can hear people behind me and to the side. It just gives you a better perspective about the world around you. I won't run with anything else at this point.

Leah, New Mexico: ...I’ve never been a snob about headphones...but now I don’t think I’ll ever buy another pair that’s not AfterShokz. I definitely feel safer when I use them. I am able to hear my surroundings but also my music perfectly. They fit nicely around my head and are super comfortable as opposed to in-ear buds. They aren’t terribly expensive - there’s a pair for every income. Love it!

Aaron, Illinois: I had zero interest in wireless headphones. I didn't want to deal with lost connection issues and repeated attempts to link up. Rob wouldn't shut up about them so I finally bended to his pleading and now they're crack for my ears. I refuse to go back to wires and I prefer the bone conduction because I get great sound and I can still hear my surroundings on a trail. Also, nothing in my ear is a plus.

Becca, Maryland: When I started going on longer runs, I would go earlier in the morning (sometimes as early as 4 am). Earlier runs mean less light and you have to be much more aware of your surroundings. Having my ears open made it easier to hear what was going on around me. Although I think I'm in a pretty safe area, it was an extra bit of reassurance to know that if there was a car or person coming up behind me, I would know. I love my Aftershokz!

Have you shared your love for your AfterShokz with your local running club, friends or family? We'd love to hear your stories. Share them in the comments below!