QUIZ: Which OpenMove Color Is Right For You?
QUIZ: Which OpenMove Color Is Right For You?
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QUIZ: Which OpenMove Color Is Right For You?

Have you heard the big news yet? Our open-ear lifestyle headphones, OpenMove, are getting a new look (or two)! OpenMove is now available in two new colours, Himalayan Pink and Elevation Blue. 

We know choosing the right headphone colour can feel impossible, so we’re making the process easier with a quiz to find out which OpenMove hue is right for you. 

1) Which element do you most relate to?

A - Fire

B - Water

C - Air

D - Earth 


2) Close your eyes and imagine you’re in your happy place. Which of these does it most resemble?

A - A sunny field full of blossoming flowers and wildlife 

B- A lake, river, or ocean that’s the perfect temperature for swimming

C- A serene, snowy landscape high on a mountaintop

D- A secluded nature trail, bordered by lots of trees with a hint of rain in the air


3) How will you be using your OpenMove headphones?

A - Catching up with my loved ones

B - Listening to a new podcast or audiobook

C - Light jogs or walks

D - Gardening, chores, home makeovers


4) How do you chill out when you’re stressed?

A - Going to the spa or doing a meditation practice

B -  Having a good cry or journaling

C - Calling a friend or going for a walk

D - Watching a movie or eating a good meal


5) Pick a movie with a colour in its title:

A - Pretty In Pink

B - The Blue Lagoon

C - White Christmas

D - Men In Black


6) Which city fits your vibe?

A - Paris

B - Seattle

C - Denver

D - Kyoto


7) Which word best describes your aura?

A - Passionate

B - Fluid

C - Pure

D - Resolved


If you got mostly A’s: You’re Himalayan Pink! 
You probably look great in pastels (for Spring? Groundbreaking). You enjoy hanging out with friends, self-care, and all the finer things in life (with your OpenMove by your side, of course!). Go ahead. You deserve them. 

If you got mostly B’s: You’re Elevation Blue! 
You might be more introverted, and your friends would probably describe you as “deep”. You and your OpenMove will enjoy so many emotional playlists, enlightening podcasts, and solo journaling nights together! Make wearing blue your newest personality trait.

If you got mostly C’s: You’re Alpine White! 
Alpine White is as pure as the spring air, and so are you! You’re a blank slate who can adapt to any situation (just like OpenMove!). Take them on walks, jogs, snowshoeing, you name it. The best part? They go with any outfit. 

If you got mostly D’s: You’re Slate Grey! 
You’re a motivated, no-nonsense individual! You need versatile headphones that will be on your ears whether you’re getting your hands dirty with a new project or settling down with a good book, and Slate Grey OpenMove are just the headphones for you! 

Ready to make these headphones your own? OpenMove Open-Ear Lifestyle Headphones are available for $129.95. Shop now!