When to Use Your AfterShokz Earplugs
When to Use Your AfterShokz Earplugs
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When to Use Your AfterShokz Earplugs

Picture this: you’ve just received your very own pair of AfterShokz headphones (Yay! Welcome to the #ShokzSquad!). You open up your package and...a pair of earplugs fall out! Why are there earplugs in your new box of headphones? 

AfterShokz headphones are unique in that they leave your ears open to ambient sound, conducting your audio through your cheekbones via bone conduction. However, we realize that sometimes you may not want to hear ambient sound, which is why we’ve included earplugs with every headphone purchase. So when do they come in handy? Check out some of the best scenarios for using your AfterShokz earplugs below. 


We’ve all been there. In the car, on the plane, or on the train, settling down to peacefully stare out the window or sleep, when all of a sudden your seatmate starts talking/coughing/crying, making it impossible to relax. No biggie! Throw on your Air wireless headphones, pop in some earplugs, and enjoy the rest of your journey in comfort. 


Believe it or not, many people use their AfterShokz headphones to sleep! Turn out the lights, throw on some white noise, and get comfy. If you sleep with a snoring partner or you have pets running around that could disturb your shut-eye, your earplugs will definitely come in handy! 

At The Gym 

Although it’s safe to say most people know and love their AfterShokz headphones for staying aware during outdoor workouts such as running and biking, your headphones (and earplugs) can also be used indoors at the gym! Throw in your earplugs on the treadmill to drown out the noise of the belt, or while you’re lifting to avoid distractions from others around you or the gym playlist! 

At The Pool/Beach 

If you’re a swimmer, using your Xtrainerz MP3 wireless headphones and included earplugs can assist you in listening to your tunes without getting any pesky water in your ear. If you’re just relaxing on the beach or by the pool, put in your earplugs to soak up the sun and listen to your fav podcast without the ambient noise of seagulls or screaming kids. 

At Work 

We know, you love your coworkers, and you love chatting with them (most of the time). Sometimes, however, you just need to get stuff done. AfterShokz are great for when you want to get in the zone and still be able to hear your boss ask you a question; but, with the visual aid of your trusty earplugs, you can politely let your coworkers know you’ll be unavailable for an hour and really go all-in, with no distractions. 

Around The House 

Have some dirty dishes you’ve been neglecting? Got a few weeds that really need to be pulled in the yard? Throw on your favourite audiobook, put in your earplugs, and lose yourself in a different world while you do your chores - the housework will fly by before you know it! 

What uses have you found for your earplugs? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter