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What Tech Reviewers Are Saying About The OpenRun Pro Mini

The OpenRun Pro Mini features a comfortable 0.83-inch shorter band than the standard size, making it ideal for smaller head sizes and for those who prefer a more snug fit. Smaller size, but the same powerful sound. Read what Tech Reviewers have to say about the OpenRun Pro Mini.

Unbox Therapy

YouTube @unboxtherapy

“This is a different audio solution from earbuds. You’re gonna know right away if you’re a candidate for this product depending on how important it is that you are aware of your surroundings, and how much you’re looking for enhanced comfort...They will free up your ears. It's kind of nice that we finally have some size options here since not everyone is built the same way.”

M. Brandon Lee

Audio Engineer
YouTube @ThisIsTechToday

With over 15 years of audio engineering experience, M. Brandon Lee is a true audiophile and avid tech enthusiast. In this video he gives expert insights and a detailed explanation on how bone conduction technology works. Check it out!
“You don’t have to worry about them falling out of your ears because they have such a good fit. This is especially helpful for me on my small head since the normal OpenRun Pros have a bit more slack on the back. Having that snug fit on the back feels really nice and secure!”

Jon Rettinger

YouTube @jon4lakers

“These two points - awareness and comfort, I think are key differentiators that make Shokz really awesome options especially for exercising and long-term use.”

Brian Tong

YouTube @briantong

“These headphones make sense for me because I don’t wear earbuds on runs or long hikes and you’ll never have that pain or discomfort of wearing earbuds for a long time. What I just know is that they really fit a need for active lifestyle users.”

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