Group of friends talking and wearing AfterShokz wireless headphones
Group of friends talking and wearing AfterShokz wireless headphones
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What It Feels Like To Wear AfterShokz

There’s more to a good pair of headphones than just sound quality. Besides the bass and range, other factors such as comfort and stability are what make enjoying audio with AfterShokz so unique. You may have an idea of what bone conduction and open-ear audio sound like, but have you ever tried to describe what wearing AfterShokz feels like? We’ve got the answer. Check out what AfterShokz team members have to say about what it feels like to wear their AfterShokz.

AfterShokz Make Me Feel Like Superwoman

“Have you ever wished you had enhanced senses like the power to see tiny details from miles away or be confidently prepared to respond to something way before it happens? This is me, all day every day. What’s amazing is that my AfterShokz actually make me feel like I have enhanced senses! It’s rare you’ll find me without them. Because when I am doing all the things—running, cycling, hiking, coaching, momming, or even just sifting through our mail—I enjoy being connected to my calls, podcasts, audiobooks, and productivity apps without limiting the rest of what I need to be tuned into—sounds of home, things at work and my surroundings. Superwoman status is within reach!” - Kim F., Chief Marketing Officer 

AfterShokz Feel Like Freedom

“Having the freedom to forget you have headphones on without the worries of not hearing what’s going around you is a vibe. I personally have the Aeropex, and being able to freely listen to my music without wires or something physically in my ear is honestly the best.”  - Alexis K., Sales

AfterShokz Feel Safe

“I've tried multiple headphones and none are as comfortable as AfterShokz, specifically Aeropex. The open-ear concept sets apart AfterShokz headphones from other headphones because of its comfort and safety features. Oftentimes earbuds would either not fit my ear canal properly or they'd drop multiple times. When wearing AfterShokz, I don’t have to worry about either of these things! They are also so lightweight to the point of me forgetting they are on my head and I’ve even accidentally slept in them. My favourite part about them, though, is the safety and confidence I feel when wearing them, especially in a public space when exercising. As a woman, the ability to enjoy audio yet still maintain a level of awareness around people gives me a sense of peace.” - Emmy V., Human Resources

AfterShokz Make Me Feel Grounded

“What I love most about wearing AfterShokz is how seamlessly they work with a variety of phone applications. Because of how easy it is to stay connected when using AfterShokz, I actually enjoy even more audio now without feeling like I’m missing out on the outside world. The unmatched comfort only AfterShokz open-ear headphones can provide heightens the listening experience to a level I haven’t seen matched in the audio industry.” - Mike L., Sales

AfterShokz Feel Stable

“Wearing AfterShokz in my day-to-day activities provides a feeling of steadiness and balance. When I am exercising at home or skateboarding on the weekend, I want to be aware of my surroundings and hear everything that’s going on around me. AfterShokz provides that opportunity to hear your movements, which inevitably for me helps keep me steady and balanced no matter what I’m doing.” - Rex M., Accounting

AfterShokz Make Me Feel Connected

“Wearing AfterShokz allows me to feel safe while still being connected. I love to go on long walks through my neighbourhood and my AfterShokz are perfect for that. They allow me to hear what's going on around me, like passing cars and cyclists, that I need to be conscious of while still being able to listen to a podcast or chat on the phone.”  - Sonal M., Marketing

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