We're going PINK – but not for the reasons you think!
We're going PINK – but not for the reasons you think!
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We're going PINK – but not for the reasons you think!

Offering Trekz Titanium in pink has been on our agenda since the Indiegogo campaign we used to launch our now flagship product at the end of last year. Our customers asked for it and we like to make a habit of putting smiles on faces.


Though we’d hoped to roll out this limited-edition color as early as this past spring, we weren’t able to make it happen until now. Based on the timing of actual production, we saw an opportunity to do some good too. That’s when I picked up the phone and called the fine folks over at Bright Pink®.

For those not familiar, Bright Pink® is a non-profit on a mission to promote awareness, and more importantly, life-saving action to women early in life. A strict focus on educating the masses and empowering them to take control of their health before they become a breast or ovarian cancer statistic is their mantra. To connect with a company whose overall mission aligns so closely with our own made me feel a partnership was kismet.

Though I personally come from a string of breast cancer survivors (including my mother - 19 years in remission!), and have lost some dear friends to the disease (RIP sweet Marilyn Rohn - you are missed daily!), the drive behind our support of this organization was more than personal. And though our timing could be construed as pinkwashing, our product and this partnership are about something bigger: AWARENESS.    

If known for nothing else, AfterShokz is all about awareness. We make headphones that literally force you to remain aware while jammin’ out to your jams or chattering away on your cell. This awareness we deliver has multiple benefits, most notably prevention of careless accidents due to inattentiveness. We do our best to educate our customers and the world on the valuable action of being open and aware of surroundings, even when we’re tuned in elsewhere. And it’s for those reasons the chance to collaborate with a company that also cares to deliver awareness, prevention and action, makes perfect sense.

Don’t expect us to slap a pink ribbon on our boxes, donate a portion of sales to charity, and just call it a day. We are not merely cranking out headphones and selling a message we don't really believe in. While we are donating 25% of proceeds from Trekz Titanium Pink to further Bright Pink’s efforts to educate and empower, we’re also seriously committed to using whatever voice we have to remind the world that all this is about more than just awareness. In September and October, you’ll see us sharing a series of blogs and ads with tips and proactive measures on staying healthy, active and informed, with the hope that we make a positive difference in lives prior to becoming statistics.

Join us by checking out the facts first on http://awarewithpink.aftershokz.com

Then share with someone, tagging #AwareWithPink, to help spread the word about all this and raise additional funds (25¢ per hashtag use!) to support the good work that Bright Pink does, not just in October, but every day of the year.