Ways You Can Stay Hydrated
Ways You Can Stay Hydrated
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Ways You Can Stay Hydrated

World Water Day has been held on March 22nd every year since 1993. It’s a United Nations observance, the goal of which is to “celebrate water and raise awareness of the 2 billion people currently living without access to safe water.” In honor of World Water Day, the global water crisis, and one of the world's most important resources, we’re bringing you ways you can stay hydrated as well as how you can support the fight for sustainable management of water sources. 

How To Keep Hydrated:

Buy A Reusable Water Bottle

Out of sight sometimes means out of mind, so remind yourself to hydrate while helping to save the planet at the same time by investing in a reusable (and preferably dishwasher safe) water bottle you can take everywhere! Cut down on single-use plastics with options like Hydro Flask, or go high-tech with a smart water bottle option such as HidrateSpark that tracks your intake and prompts you to drink plenty of water. 

Download A Hydration-Tracking App 

If you don’t want to go the smart bottle route, you can still set a hydration goal and get reminders to hydrate with hydration-tracking apps such as the aptly-named Daily Water Tracker Reminder or Hydro Coach. Another option is Plant Nanny Water Tracker, in which every glass of H20 you drink helps your plants grow to really keep you motivated. 

Eat Your Water 

You don’t just have to drink it! Another easy way to up your fluid intake is by eating foods that are high in H20. This includes vegetables such as lettuce, celery, cucumber, and radishes, or fruit such as melons, tomatoes, apples, and strawberries. 

Consume Electrolytes 

Making sure you’re getting enough electrolytes is crucial to hydration, as electrolytes are minerals responsible for regulating and balancing fluids within the body. This is especially important for long workouts or runs, as exercising depletes the electrolytes within our body. You can up your electrolyte levels with sports drinks such as Propel and Gatorade, or with various other powders, gels, and tablets from brands like Nuun or Muir Energy

How To Support: 

Conserve Water 

Water conservation can start at home! There are many ways you and your household can avoid wasting water by doing things like turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth, only running washing machines when you have a full load, and using low-flow shower heads and faucets. 

Spread The Message 

Many people, especially those who live in areas where water sources are abundant, may not know how important water supply and sustainability issues are. You can raise awareness while inspiring friends and family to take action to tackle the water crisis by sharing resources such as this World Water Day 2022 fact sheet


Consider making a financial contribution to a nonprofit such as Well Aware, which works to implement lasting clean water systems in East Africa, Charity: Water, where 100% of your donation funds clean water, or Water.org, which has supplied clean water to over 43 million people.

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