Ways To Support the Black Running Community
Ways To Support the Black Running Community
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Ways To Support the Black Running Community

Although running is a universally-enjoyed sport, it can often be a white-dominated space, presenting Black runners with challenges and barriers to equal representation, recognition, and resources. A major shift in public opinion has helped bring about a reinvigorated movement for change, and many white and non-BIPOC (Black-identifying persons of colour) people are searching for ways to support the Black community and uplift organizations pushing for equality and justice. 

One way we’re showing up for Black runners is by using our platform to introduce our #ShokzSquad to new faces, perspectives, and resources, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Check out a few ways you can support Black running communities below. 

Educate: After the senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery, many articles, research papers, podcasts, and videos have emerged about the risks associated with exercising while Black. One way you can be an ally to the Black running community is to read, watch, and listen to the resources below to educate yourself on the experience of running as a BIPOC. 

Research Paper: Black People Don’t Exercise in My Neighborhood: Perceived Racial Composition and Leisure-time Physical Activity Among Middle Class Blacks and Whites,’ by Rashawn Ray, Ph.D

Article: The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery highlights the danger of jogging while black, by Rashawn Ray, Ph.D

Article: Running while black: Ahmaud Arbery’s killing reveals runners’ shared fears of profiling by Melanie Eversley

Article: Jogging Has Always Excluded Black People 

Video: Mirna Valerio: A Discussion About Race & Racism in Running

Podcast: Burn It All Down: “Title IX Regulations, Jogging While Black, and the USWNT Lawsuit”

Podcast: 2 Black Runners

Follow: If you’re active in the running community, and you spend time online, you can do your part by following Black athletes on social media to help make your running community even more inclusive, as well as open your mind to conversations, content, and ideas that you may not have thought about before. 

The Marathon Marcus 

Alison Mariella Désir

Perdita Felicien

Air Up There Run Crew

Sam Effah

Sincerely Meaux

Soleful Runs


Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk

Support: There are many running communities out there that cater specifically to Black runners and transforming the running landscape. Support these communities and their efforts by joining their events, reading their stories, shopping in their stores, or donating to their cause. 


Black Men Run

Black Girls Run

Youth Run NOLA