Image of a woman's side profile wearing Shokz open-ear headphones and pressing the multifunction button
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Watch These Videos to Get Started with Your Shokz

Take your seats, #ShokzSquad! Shokz school is back in session. Today’s unit is all about the many common commands that can be completed when using your Shokz and our favourite design component star: the multifunction button. Press play and learn how to get started with your Shokz!

Getting Started with OpenRun Pro

Are you the proud owner of our newest premium headphones, OpenRun Pro? Congrats on being a part of the Winner’s Circle! Get familiar with a few of the most common commands you can complete with your new Shokz when you watch this quick video. Watch Tutorial

Getting Started with OpenRun

Picture this: you’re working out with OpenRun and you need to skip a slow-tempo song on your shuffled playlist. How do you do it? The answer is easier than you think! Discover how to use the multifunction button in this easy-to-follow tutorial video. Watch Tutorial

Getting Started with OpenMove

You’ve just powered on your Shokz OpenMove headphones for the first time. Now what? Check out this tutorial video to learn all of the easy commands that you can complete with your headphones during a run, a workout, or any other time in between! Watch Tutorial

Getting Started with OpenSwim

In this tutorial video, you’ll get the ins and outs of how to activate commands with your swimming headphones so you can be in control of your audio both in and out of the water. Ready to dive into the tips and tricks? Press play now! Watch Tutorial 

Getting Started with OpenComm

Being productive is your middle name. And OpenComm’s commands are designed to help you work at your best and most efficient level. Watch this video to learn how to use your headset like the pro you are. Watch Tutorial

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