Want to Join a Run Crew? Here’s How You Can Get Started
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Want to Join a Run Crew? Here’s How You Can Get Started

Are your friends and family sick of hearing about how amazing your last race was? Run crews are a great way to meet others who love running as much as you do. However, let’s be real, running with a group of strangers can be a bit intimidating.

If you haven’t run with a run crew before you may have a ton of questions such as: Where do I start in my search for a crew? Will there will be someone who runs at my pace? What should I wear?

We are here to help you find the perfect run crew by answering all your questions.

How do I find a local run crew?

Start your search at your local running store, as most will have a weekly social run, or they can recommend other local run crews in the area. If that isn’t an option, check out a fitness center in your neighbourhood, or www.meetup.com for alternatives. Still not having luck? Check social media for running hashtags local to your area, and you’ll find others posting pics from their local crew runs, i.e.,#runvan #torontorunners. Finally, your local crews will all show-up at major races near you, so sign-up for an upcoming race and keep a look-out for crews that are running in matching shirts and ask them where and when they meet!

What is the right type of run club for me?

First, decide what’s important to you. Do you need people to push your training intensity or provide company and social cheer? If you are looking to push your pace, then look for a crew that hosts weekly speed workouts. If you are looking to make running friends, look for a group that hosts a weekly midweek run or a fun post-run brunch/drink tradition. If you’re not sure, check out the running crew’s social media pages for updates on what their runs are about. Trust us; there is a run crew that can meet most of your needs!

Will anyone in the group run with me?

Be open-minded when you go to your first run with a new crew. You might not find someone who is running your exact pace for that particular run, but don’t let that stop you. Finding someone slower will allow you to be a bit social on your run and talk through what this run crew is all about. Finding someone who runs a little faster might push you to reach a goal you have been striving for. If you don’t want to take the chance on your first visit, bring along your best running friend! But no matter what, introduce yourself to as many people as you can! The running community is full of friendly faces who want to welcome you and help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Will I fit in if I don’t have the newest gear?

Pro tip: no one cares what brand of clothing or shoes you are wearing at a run. Running brands often sponsor runs as a way for them to get to know runners in their area. Runners of all paces are encouraged to join, regardless of what you’re wearing. Once you are ready to shop for new pieces, you will have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Also, runners in a crew have the best tips for new gear, and maybe even a sale in your area for your favourite products or brands!

Remember, running is best as a team sport. Find a crew, become part of the pack, and you will go farther, get faster and make a few friends along the way. Have other questions about how to find a crew for you? Feel free to ask us on social by tagging @AfterShokzCAN.

Also, while you’re on the quest to find the perfect running group, join our virtual one on Strava! Strava is a place for runners, cyclists, and swimmers to track their progress and interact with each other along the way.

Whether you’re already a member, or thinking about signing up, join the ShokzSquadCAN!