How To Be Foolproof This April Fools
How To Be Foolproof This April Fools
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How To Be Foolproof This April Fools

When it comes to April Fools Day, society is separated into two groups: the tricksters and the tricked. If you're not pulling any pranks this weekend, then you better be on defense. Here at AfterShokz, where the gags amidst our staff tend to run year-round, we have compiled a helpful list of tips for you to be on the lookout this April 1.

1. Know the Date!

April Fools 101: Don't forget about it. Because you are reading this, you'll know when to expect the debauchery. This year April 1st is on a Saturday. You have been informed. Use this to your advantage!

2. Don't Trust Anyone!

This is the best advice we can give! On April 1st you should be wary of everything and everyone around you. If someone says something out of the ordinary, don't trust them. If someone is nicer than usual, definitely don't trust them. Fact check everything to make sure you don't fall for any antics!

3. Don't React!

The end goal of any trick is the reaction. If you know you're being set up, try your very best not to react. If your friend offers you a free lottery ticket, don't give them the satisfaction of tricking you! Simply say, "Yeah right" and keep on walkin'! It is better to be a killjoy than a fool!

4.  Don't Play Pranks If You Do Not Want To Get Pranked!

 Classic mistake. You play a harmless prank, and you get pranked back ten times harder! If you decide to participate in any way on April Fools, you automatically sign yourself up for someone's sweet revenge! Just prepare to be on the defense for the rest of the day.

5. Avoid The Internet!

Your number one enemy on April Fools Day is the Internet! Anyone from your best friend to major brands will be plotting to trick you. Don't take any big announcements too seriously.

Have you ever tricked someone on April Fools Day? Were you on the receiving end of a great trick? Share your awesome prank stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.