Person holding AfterShokz Titanium wireless headphones
Person holding AfterShokz Titanium wireless headphones
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Titanium Discontinued: Everything You Need To Know

The AfterShokz brand is unique for many reasons. In addition to our signature open-ear design and patented bone conduction technology, some of our most-loved products are what make our mission of redefining possibilities an actuality. AfterShokz Titanium, one of our top-selling wireless headphones, is one of those products that helped us achieve our goals. 

Although the popular open-ear headphones are now discontinued, we’re celebrating their success with a proper sendoff. Read on for some FAQs on why we’re saying farewell to Titanium and get the scoop on everything you need to know about what’s next. 

QUESTION: What inspired the decision to discontinue AfterShokz Titanium?

ANSWER: At AfterShokz, we're determined to make our best products even better with the help of improved bone conduction technology, innovative design, and performance elements. AfterShokz Titanium helped introduce a global audience to the power of open-ear listening while also providing an affordable alternative to traditional in-ear headphones. 

We recognized that although Titanium included features that have now become signature to the AfterShokz brand, we had also discovered new ways to improve upon a product that has been beloved by so many. As a result, OpenMove was created with familiar features reminiscent of Titanium and a few additions that make a fair case for an upgrade. 

Q: Are my Titanium headphones still eligible for warranty claims?

A: Yes! Our customer service team has a limited number of Titanium headphones set aside for any future warranty claims. However, we cannot guarantee that the colour of your replacement will match the colour of your original headset. When we no longer have Titanium in inventory for replacements, customers who previously owned Titanium will receive a free upgrade to OpenMove!

Q: Where can I find AfterShokz Titanium bone conduction headphones for purchase now? 

A: You may have noticed Titanium is no longer available for sale on the AfterShokz website. Although the discontinued product is no longer available in our online store, there are still a few retailers that carry the popular headphone model. Purchase the last quantities of AfterShokz Titanium at stores like Best Buy, Fleet Feet Sports, Amazon, and Sam’s Club

Q: What other AfterShokz headphones do you recommend that are most similar to Titanium? 

A: If you’re a longtime fan of the durable partial titanium frame and the affordability of AfterShokz Titanium, you’ll definitely love AfterShokz OpenMove. The newest AfterShokz wireless headphone model delivers the same open-ear comfort, 6-hour battery life, and IP55 durability as Titanium, but with new features such as 3 EQ settings, a redesigned multifunction button, and 7th generation bone conduction technology. Trust us, this is the level up you’ve been looking for. 

Q: I’m still using my Titanium. Where can I find product information and support if I need it?

A: Our AfterShokz Help Center is always available if you’re in need of product information or troubleshooting with your AfterShokz. Navigate through the help center using the search function or by filtering through categories to discover everything you need to know about your open-ear headphones. For those times when you’re looking for some light reading, check the AfterShokz blog and search for Titanium content to get a deeper understanding of unique features and recommended tips.