How To: Achieve Any Fitness Goal
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How To: Achieve Any Fitness Goal

Whose New Year’s resolution is fitness related?! 🙋 Whether you’re a first time gym goer or, a long-time athlete, getting your booty out of bed and to the gym can feel like a real struggle! But good news – it no longer has to! 👍

We asked AfterShokz team members for their personal tips + tricks to getting (and staying) motivated to achieve their fitness goals. Here's what they had to say:

1. “Your gym routine REALLY starts the night before!” - Team Member Caleigh

If your plan is to workout first thing in the morning, make it easier on yourself by prepping for your workout the night before. Pack a bag with all of your gym essentials (Trekz Titanium headphones, deodorant, a change of clothes, post-workout snack, etc.) and set out your gym clothes, so you can just change and go!

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2. “Ask a friend, partner, or coworker to hold you accountable!” - Team Member Chelsea

Skipping the gym no longer feels like an option when there's someone holding you to it! Share your fitness goal with someone you can depend on and include them when creating your gym plan (example: "I will achieve this goal by going to the gym five days a week"). Check in with them on the days you do hit the gym and the days you need an extra push. 


3. "Have a reason and write it down!" – Team Member Mark

Be clear about your goal and your reason for wanting to achieve it. Be as honest and as descriptive as possible in your answer. The next time you're reaching for the snooze button or putting off heading to the gym, remind yourself why you made this commitment to yourself.


4. "Think about how good you'll feel afterwards!" – Team Member Aryal

Right after you finish working out, jot down 5 words describing how you feel after working out (in a notepad or phone). Add to the list each time you workout – but you can't use a word more than once! On the days you're dreading the gym, read your list as motivation. 

5. "Create a playlist that gets you excited to workout!" – Team Member Kristen

Use music as a motivator! We use Spotify to create our Monthly Mixtape, but there are plenty of free apps to choose from (example: pandora radio, 8track, etc.). Find a playlist that gets you movin' or create your own! 

6. "Work with a personal trainer!" – Team Member Kim

If you're not sure where to start, consider working with a personal trainerAfterShokz team member Kim says, "Being committed to someone other than myself keeps me going even on the days we don’t meet — because I know she’ll be able to tell whether I’m keeping up with our program on my off days two minutes into my workouts with her!" You don't have to break the bank to get expert advice! Many gyms offer deals around the holidays, so check in with your local gym and see what they have to offer. 

7. "Make it a fun experience – do something you enjoy!" – Team Member Bill

If working out at the gym isn't your jam – find out what is and commit to doing it every week! Team member Bill stays active by participating in a basketball team. If a team sport isn't your thing, try out new classes and activities until you find out what is! A few ideas to get you started: swimming, dancing, ice skating, yoga, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cross-fit, rock climbing.

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What's motivating you to achieve your fitness goals? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter