Three Things We’re Listening To Right Now
Three Things We’re Listening To Right Now
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Three Things We’re Listening To Right Now

Sure, quiet time is good, but there’s a lot you could miss out on when you’re not plugged in—new music, much-talked-about podcasts, and even training tips. We've gathered the details on some of the best podcasts and free podcasts that are guaranteed to enrich your listening catalogue.

These are three things we’ve listened to recently that we’re absolutely loving.

Office Ladies

If you were a fan of NBC’s The Office—and if you weren’t, why not?—you’ll get a kick out of this funny podcast hosted by stars and best friends Angela and Pam. Well, Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela).

These two have been rewatching every episode of The Office, and they spend about an hour sharing “fast facts” and Easter eggs during which they break down an episode with hilarious anecdotes, and going off on tangents about the critically acclaimed sitcom.

On Office Ladies, the receptionist and accountant have spoken with a handful of guests, including director Paul Feig, The Office co-star Rainn Wilson (Dwight), and Phil Shea, the show’s prop master.

Make sure you plug in and don’t miss a comical look back at one of the best sitcoms in pop culture and of our time.

The Later Years

While this isn’t new music from Pink Floyd, The Later Years box set was released in December 2019, and it covers the material created by David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright from 1987 onward—after the departure of Roger Waters. 

The box set includes DVDs, CDs, and memorabilia, with hours of unreleased-until-now audio and audiovisual footage. 

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Why We Exercise

 This episode of The Pulse—a popular health podcast and NPR show that covers wellness and science—takes a deep dive into why we exercise: health, fitness, weight control, and vanity.

The episode also looks at why humans are such good runners, the history of women’s workouts, and the benefits of regular exercise for healthy ageing. (This is just one of our many favourite episodes—host Maiken Scott never fails to entertain and educate in every weekly show.)   

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