Image of a man swimming in open water while wearing Shokz OpenSwim MP3 swimming headphones
Image of a man swimming in open water while wearing Shokz OpenSwim MP3 swimming headphones
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These Are The Best Shokz For Dad

Father’s Day (June 19, 2022) is right around the corner, and we’re here to make gifting easy! We all know that shopping for Dad can be a challenge, especially if he’s the type to never quite have anything specific on his wishlist. Luckily, Shokz headphones and headsets make the perfect present for the dads and honorary dads in your life shout out to the grandfathers, husbands, brothers and friends! See our recommendations for the best Shokz products depending on your father’s personality and get ready to win the Best Gift-Giver Ever Award!  

For The Dad Who Always Hustles

Shokz OpenComm Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headset

If your dad is the type to always take care of business, OpenComm is the way to go. A DSP adjustable noise-cancelling boom mic lets him take a business call from quite literally anywhere with crystal-clear communication. The 16-hour talk time and the IP55 water-resistant durability ensure that the wireless headset will keep up with Dad meeting after meeting, all day long. Treat your old man to a headset that keeps him connected without compromising his comfort. Shop Shokz OpenComm

For The Dad Who Loves Fitness

Shokz OpenRun Pro Premium Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

For the fathers who never miss a gym day, introduce them to their new favourite workout accessory. Our most premium sport headphones deliver 10 hours of battery life, water-resistant durability, and the best sound quality to date, so Dad can push his limits in the gym, on the trail, and everywhere else. The lightweight, open-ear design creates the perfect balance of functionality and form factor perfection. He may even forget he’s wearing them long after his workout is done! Shop Shokz OpenRun Pro

For The Dad Who Loves The Great Outdoors

Shokz OpenSwim Bone Conduction MP3 Swimming Headphones

If your dad is a fan of the simple things, the slow life, and the wide-open beauty of the great outdoors, OpenSwim is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea. These wireless MP3 headphones with 8-hour battery life, 4GB of internal music storage, and IP68 waterproof protection are ideal for his all-day fishing trips, his pool time, and all of his adventures off the grid. Bonus: if your pops prefers living his life on the minimalist side, these MP3 headphones allow him all the benefits of having his music available at the touch of a button without having to bring along his phone, a charging cord, or other mobile devices. Shop Shokz OpenSwim

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