These Are The 5 Best Products For Workout Recovery
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These Are The 5 Best Products For Workout Recovery

Are you prepping for the fall race season and marathon season? Have you found yourself in need of a new pair of legs after some gruelling workouts and runs? When the workouts are done and the competitions are over, recovery is the name of the game. Check out these recovery essentials every athlete needs at the ready. 

Chirp Wheel+

For those who suffer from back and neck pain, meet your new secret recovery weapon. This three-pack of wheels offers varying degrees of pressure for deep tissue relief and targeted pressure point relief, too. Each wheel is fortified with a durable core to withstand up to 500 lbs of weight, so you can stretch and soothe every nook and cranny of your problem areas worry-free. When used properly, the unique design can help alleviate everything from tension headaches to pesky spinal issues.  

Shop the Chrip Wheel+ here.

Therabody Theragun Elite

Skip a trip to the masseuse, chiropractor, and physical therapist when you invest in the Theragun Elite from Therabody. This award-winning machine is more than just a sleek gadget for techie athletes. Features like 120-minute battery life and QuietForce Technology™ mean you can work out all your kinks without reaching for a charging cable or interrupting roommates or partners during your early morning or late-night workouts. An array of settings and ergonomic grips enable you to get the most out of Theragun’s percussive massage for recovery, performance, sleep, mobility, and stress. 

Shop the Theragun Elite here.

Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones

Keep things flowing when you cool down or complete your recovery routine with some open-ear listening. Thanks to our patented bone conduction technology, OpenRun Pro headphones let you completely immerse yourself in your music without tuning out the world around you. Get lost in the world of LoFi beats, vibey pop songs, and other super-chill tunes in this Spotify playlist curated by the #ShokzSquad for your open-ear listening pleasure.  

Shop OpenRun Pro wireless headphones here

HidrateSpark PRO 21oz Tumbler

Recovery requires proper hydration and, lucky for us, HidrateSpark makes “the world's smartest water bottle ever created.” This high-tech tumbler uses a special (and free) app to remind you when to take a sip and also to help you increase your water intake. Customizable bottle settings and a gorgeous array of colour options let you add a little personality to your hydration goals. 

Shop the smart water bottle here

Gu Energy Labs Fuel Gummies and Recovery Powder

Treat yourself to a nourishing and equally delicious post-run snack when you reach for a packet of Gu Roctane Protein Recovery Drink Mix. Formulated with tons of protein and a smooth and creamy taste, this drink powder helps tired muscles recover and heal after a tough race, competition, or even an intense workout. Just add a measured scoop to some water and enjoy! Gu recommends adding a pinch of cinnamon to your mix to spice the shake up a notch. The recovery powder is available in the flavours vanilla bean and chocolate smoothie. 

Discover all of Gu’s drink powders here