Team AfterShokz Takes on the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
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Team AfterShokz Takes on the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Hi, ShokzSquad! Jordan from AfterShokz here, taking over the blog today to tell you about my experience running the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Syracuse with the AfterShokz team!

For those of you that may not know much about the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, it is a 5.6 Kilometer race series in thirteen cities, spanning seven countries across five continents. The Challenge celebrates teamwork, camaraderie & community, and provides an opportunity to connect with clients and corporate neighbours. Fifteen of us decided to take on the Challenge, and let me tell you, it was a blast!

People came from all walks of life to be a part of this race -- there were elites, joggers, and walkers alike. However, the sense of support is what stuck out to me the most. Everyone had a company t-shirt to distinguish whom they worked for, and as coworkers passed each other on the course you would hear cheers and see high-fives being exchanged. With several large companies in attendance, people did not recognize everyone that had the same t-shirt on, but that didn’t stop the encouragement! This was probably my favourite part of the entire experience.

I only recently got into running after watching our fearless leader and CMO, Kim Fassetta, tackle her very first Marathon last year, and I now have a full race calendar for this year. The  J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge was the first of four races I have lined up, and I’ll finish with my first Marathon! Since Maria, fellow AfterShokz Star, and I are both in training for the same race, we decided to take on the Challenge together. My goal was to leave it all out on the pavement and push myself, which can be a challenge when all you want to do is stop running or slow down. Maria really helped push me on race day. Typically, when I am running alone, I tend to stop when I get tired. But since we were pacing together, I had to keep moving! It was fun to push myself, and even more fun doing it with Maria by my side.

I’m happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this experience - witnessing the support between everyone and learning how to push myself are invaluable lessons. Onwards to race number two!