Talkin' Bout Sleep - Using Audio to Get to Sleep Faster
Talkin' Bout Sleep - Using Audio to Get to Sleep Faster
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Talkin’ Bout Sleep – Using Audio to Get to Sleep Faster

Athletes and go-getters are often moving from the moment they get up, until the moment they try to lay down for sleep at night. It’s a non-stop lifestyle that includes constantly thinking about what’s next, and how to be better tomorrow. Sometimes, that constant thinking can lead to sleep issues. Without regular sleep, performances – be they in the office or sport – tend to diminish, and your body can start breaking down both physically and mentally.

Calming down the mind at the end of the night can often prove difficult for many people. You’re already overthinking tomorrow’s objectives, leaving little time for your mind and body to wind down. However, there are ways to help shut your brain off and get that much needed restful sleep. Here are a few of our favourites:


Sleep Noises

Sometimes, complete quiet is NOT the ideal condition to fall asleep. A little white noise can keep you from overthinking the quiet, and also cover up unwanted background noises keeping you up. Turning on a white noise app like Noisli can help you drift off no matter where you are. With noises like ocean waves, crickets, to just a plain fan noise, there’s a little something for anyone who needs a bit of sound in the background to help them catch some ZZZ’s at night.


Much like the music, there are plenty of apps that feature a multitude of meditations aimed at slowing down your mind and helping you fall asleep more quickly. The meditation options include guided meditations, breathing exercises and much more.  There are tons of meditation apps available, but Headspace and Calm are among the most popular. Both require a subscription but also provide free trials. Be sure to test a few to find the one that will keep you the most consistent. Meditation is a practice, just like your training

Bedtime Stories

Just like you used to fall asleep to as a child, adult bedtime stories can distract you from work and other life stressors, and help you fall asleep. The app Calm is one of the more popular options for download and has a series of stories lasting around 20 minutes aimed at helping you drift slowly to sleep. We also like the app Stories From the Border of Sleep, which features stories from 5 to 45 minutes. Check these apps out and prove to yourself that you’re never too old for a bedtime story!

If you find yourself up at night overthinking the day or your plans for tomorrow, give one of these ideas a try.  Let us know how it works for you by sharing your experience on social and tagging @AfterShokzCan!