Switch Up Your Fitness Routine This Season
Switch Up Your Fitness Routine This Season
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Switch Up Your Fitness Routine This Season

Winter is coming – and no that's not last night's Netflix marathon that's talking – but the chilling temperatures, lack of sun, and the crowded gym.

We know that the winter months can make reaching your fitness goals seem like an impossible feat but we're here to remind you that getting fit (or staying fit) doesn't have to be a long, dreaded date with your treadmill. Your fitness routine can and should be fun! 

So ditch the treadmill this winter and embrace the changing seasons. If you're stuck on what else there is to do, here are a few suggestions:


1. Grab a friend and go snowshoeing.

Yes, my #TrekzTitanium fit under a headlamp, hat, and sunglasses.

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If you've ever tried snowshoeing, you know that it may look easy but feels similar to carrying a small child on each foot. However, add some conversation to the mix and you'll forget what a workout it is.


2. Grab some skis or a snowboard and hit the slopes or try cross-country skiing.

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While hitting the slopes can be a fun day trip, you don't have to leave your backyard to try your foot at skiing. Bundle up and try cross-country skiing in your neighborhood or hit a a nearby trail.


3. Take a family trip to your local ice skating rink!

Grab the fam and hit the ice rink! You'll have so much fun that you'll probably forget you're working out – until the next day. Your sore legs will certainly give you a reminder! 😉


4. Bundle up and take in the winter view.

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Not one to plan your workouts? If so, this one's for you! Bundle up and go for a long walk or for a slow paced jog. Put on an upbeat holiday playlist and take in the scenic views of winter and you may just forget how cold you are. Just make sure you're dressing appropriately and heading out in a safe temperature! 


5. Try something new!


If you're not one to venture outdoors when it's cold outside, you can still switch things up indoors. Check out your local gym or yoga studio and sign up for a class! Browse YouTube for new workouts to try or, make your own 30-day fitness challenge!


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