The Sweat Pink Ladies Get #AwareWithPink
The Sweat Pink Ladies Get #AwareWithPink
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The Sweat Pink Ladies Get #AwareWithPink

Since running the United Relay with AfterShokz in April, the Sweat Pink team became obsessed! We can’t imagine heading out for a run without the essential Trekz Titanium headphones, which is why we’re so excited to be teaming up with AfterShokz for the release of their amazing Trekz Titanium headphones in PINK! Not only is it our favorite color over at Sweat Pink HQ, but it’s also going to do so much good this October. We totally believe in sweating, rocking, and running pink, and now we get #AwareWithPink with AfterShokz!

Our team is so in love with our headphones that we all wanted to share with you our love and excitement for the PINK Trekz Titanium and the fall running season. Let’s chat jamming, running, safety, and BCA with Liz, Court, Becky, Nicci, Jamie, and Alyse!


Ladies wearing Trekz Titanium Pink

These headphones not only keep up with my lifestyle, they enhance it! The sweat resistance is key for me since I’m, well... there’s no delicate way to put it, a sweaty person. I tend to zone out while running, so I stay safe while jamming out with the bone conduction technology that keeps my ears open to my surroundings. Now that I’ve gone wireless, I won’t be able to go back – hands-free is amazing! It’s so much easier to #StopDropAndYoga while out for a run, which is constantly. I’m able to seamlessly transfer from my running playlist (anybody else rocking out to Sofi Tukker right now?) to a conference call with my team with only a press of a button. I love FaceTiming with them and seeing us all in our layers of sweaty spandex and accessorized with our AfterShokz!


Court running with Trekz Titanium Pink

Like Liz (see above), my Trekz Titanium headphones only make my workouts better. I can run, lift, bike, and explore without the hassle of cords getting in the way of my performance. They stand out (yay PINK!) and stay put, which is what headphones should do when you're being active. I also love that they go beyond my workouts when I use them during conference calls or while FaceTiming my best friends (long-distance over here!) and simultaneously whipping up something delicious and healthy in the kitchen. From the fun packaging and top-notch sound quality to the mission #AwareWithPink stands for, I could not be more proud to sport my Trekz Titanium Pink in the gym, in the kitchen, and on my conference calls.


From starting my day with a run, to studying for law school, to managing Sweat Pink’s business development, AfterShokz headphones keep me sane and make the transition from sweat session to business session complete. The headphones are lightweight and super comfortable, which allows me to easily ‘switch hats’ and be present in doing so.

While sporting the headphones around town and at school, the number of law students and random runners that stopped me to ask about the headphones is shockingly high, and each time, I make them try for themselves. After listening to a song for ten seconds, each person (not so shockingly) is sold!


Nicci running with Trekz Titanium Pink

Life in Portland these days is sweaty, fast paced, and jam packed with all things #SweatPink and yoga at our studio, Flex & Flow. For me, my Trekz Titanium help me multi-task when I need it most.

  • Catching up with my best friend who lives in LA, while grocery shopping? Done .
  • Getting a great laugh (or cry) session when listening to the Moth Stories podcast and hitting the trails for a run? You bet .
  • Planning a yoga class and listening to my newest playlist, all while safely bike commuting to the studio? Yep .

Trekz Titanium open ear headphones allow me to safely multitask throughout my daily life. They’re sweat proof and super lightweight, making them the perfect #SweatPink accessory on the trails, my bike, and even my yoga mat! I think that the #SweatPink family can all agree, the Trekz Titanium Pink headphones are an essential part of life!


Jamie King running with her dog

My Trekz Titanium Pink headphones have been my constant companion – whether I’m running the trails, exploring local parks with my dog, or even riding my – I always have them with me. They’ve made it easier and safer for me to listen to my favorite podcasts (Science Vs., Reply All, and Death, Sex and Money, etc) and of course for creating new playlists for my yoga and HIIT Yoga classes at Flex & FlowPlus, they’re….they basically go with everything I own. Plus, for every purchase of the new Trekz Titanium Pink, a donation will go towards spreading awareness, education, inspiration and empowerment for those affected by breast and/or ovarian cancer at Bright Pink, which makes me even more proud to sport them wherever my sweaty life might take me.


Alyse running with her Trekz Titanium Pink

 Hands-free, wireless, and open ear is how I have to roll these days, thanks to my into everything, super grabby eight-month-old daughter. I rely on my Trekz Titanium Pink for everything, from running with my stroller (gotta be able to hear oncoming cars, bikes, and everything else), to taking conference calls, to listening to podcasts or music while she naps. I love that I can both be entertained and hear everything around me, and I don’t get tangled up in cords. Plus, I mean, they’re bright pink. Enough said.

Oh, and if you want to know how my Trekz Titanium once saved me from a rattlesnake encounter in Utah, check out my blog post!

We’re stoked to run into the fall season, not only for the love of running and getting sweaty in any way possible, but for a good cause! With the release of Trekz Titanium Pink, we not only  help draw awareness to ourselves while running but also to our fellow kick-butt females and their health! AfterShokz’s donation of a percentage of proceeds with every sale of product AND use of the #AwareWithPink hashtag is AWESOME! So start pounding the pavement (or trail or treadmill or beach or …) and hashtag it up!

Trekz Titanium Pink