ShokzStars Share Tips on How to Stay Active From Home
ShokzStars Share Tips on How to Stay Active From Home
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ShokzStars Share Tips on How to Stay Active From Home

While we’re all adjusting to a new (and temporary) normal, maintaining a sense of community is more important than ever. Whether you’re working from home or looking for ways to freshen up your daily schedule, staying active and moving is vital for beating the blues and we’ve got just the encouragement to help you make it happen. 

We reached out to some of our #ShokzStars and influencers to find out how they’re making the most of their space and extra time. Check out these easy tips for how to stay active from home! 

“Set a reminder every hour to get up and move. Maybe it’s to do 10 burpees or 20 sit-ups - make a plan for the day. Something new each hour. It’s so easy when at home to get lost in the work and then realize you haven’t gotten up in 4 hours.” - Heather, Illinois 

“My favourite way to stay active from home is often riding and running right out the door for ease and the fact that there’s no commute time...if I’m really lacking motivation or I want to do something different, then I’ll Google yoga routines or core workout based on the amount of time that I’m looking for to find some new inspiration.” - Katie Zaferes, California 

“I have two dogs, one slow and one fast- so I’m taking my opportunity for “extended spring break” (I’m a Ph.D. candidate and I teach English) to exercise them both individually once a day. I’m also a huge advocate of local animal shelters, almost all of which have waived adoption fees for 90 days in light of COVID 19. 

As a family friend once said, dogs are the ultimate personal trainers, they don’t let you take a day off! Happy pets make happy people. Adopt a dog, volunteer to foster a dog, and get outside every day, whether that’s a long hike with your slow one or a great training run with your fast one.” - Lauren Perry, New Mexico 

“For us (my 9 and 8-year-old girls)...we’ve already seen how distracted and frustrated we become when each of us is trying to work on our own thing but need all of the attention.

So, when one of us gets a little testy, we are allowed to call the other out and give them an exercise to complete to redirect that energy. It might be 10 jumping jacks...or a few squats....or the Cupid shuffle....or some stretching. It’s helped us all keep busy and back to work!!” - Amanda Ghent, South Carolina 

“I go for a minimum 1-mile walk or run every day. It’s helped my mental health as much as my physical. And now, with being cooped up more, those moments outside make such a difference. It’s nice to see my local neighbours out walking too.” - Briana Sharpe, California

“We are playing lots of family games and making up rules for games that include movement: jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats. There are also lots of companies offering free subscriptions to their apps that have Yoga or Meditation. That is really helpful for supporting our mindset and something the family can do together. 

We are also trying to get outside as often as possible for sun and fresh air. The kids love competing with one another and can do that in our backyard.” - Blaire Harter, Florida 

“I have created my own home gym and home workouts over the years. While I know that is NOT an option for people to do right now there is so much people can do in their homes with what they have. Have a staircase? Go up and down 10 times. Between every rep do 10 reps of air squats, or burpees, or sit-ups, you name it. 

Or make your own HIIT/TABATA workout. 30-45 seconds ON as hard as possible and then 20-30 seconds of rest (walking around to keep moving). Of course running outside if that is possible where you live. Or simply just a walk. Shoot! Just cleaning the house to stay active.” - Tiffany Carlin, Florida

Did these stay at home tips inspire you? What are your favourite ways to keep up your exercise regimen at home? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter