Shokz at CES 2024 - the highlights
Shokz at CES 2024 - the highlights
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Shokz at CES 2024 - the highlights

 CES has long been the stage for presenting cutting-edge products, featuring everything from start-up brands to established giants in the tech industry. Shokz has been a consistent presence at CES for numerous years, establishing a tradition of showcasing our latest innovations and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This longstanding commitment underscores our dedication to bringing cutting-edge products to the forefront of the tech industry's premier event.

Meet the new OpenSwim Pro

Scheduled for release later this year, the OpenSwim Pro is set to revolutionize your underwater audio experience with its dual-mode capabilities. “Swimmers love OpenSwim but our most requested feature was the ability to utilize Bluetooth out of the water so they could stream their favorite audio when not in the pool,” said Vincent Xiong, Chief Executive Officer at Shokz. “We couldn’t be prouder to bring Shokz’s recognizable open-ear sound to our most Featuring an IP68 waterproof rating, Bluetooth mode, and 32GB of MP3 storage, OpenSwim Pro seamlessly adapts from underwater use to daily sports.

openswim pro bone conduction headphone

Shokz Attracting Major Media

Shokz continued its tradition of drawing significant media attention at CES 2024, and this year was no different. Many prominent media outlets and renowned figures like Jon Rettinger (@jon4lakers), Wired, PCMag, and Tom’s Guide made special visits to the Shokz booth at CES and Pepcom. 

Their enthusiasm was palpable as they explored the array of products on display, including the new OpenSwim Pro. It was a unique opportunity for them to experience our latest innovations firsthand and share their excitement with their audiences, highlighting the growing impact of Shokz in the tech sphere.

More News and Highlights

Meeting both longstanding and new fans was an incredible experience. As we showcased the OpenFit, OpenRun Pro, and OpenComm2 UC, we received valuable input from all of you. It was heartwarming to take photos with fans, and seeing you capture moments in front of the feature wall was truly amazing. Beyond the selfies, we hosted a giveaway with awesome swag, and it was great to spot Shokz caps and tote bags throughout the convention center. 

try shokz headphones at ces 2024

shokz customers and staff are taking photos in front of openfit wall

With such a successful week, we're already looking forward to next year and hope to see you all there again. If you haven’t already, check out the video for a glimpse of all the happenings.