Man wearing AfterShokz Aeropex open-ear wireless headphones
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Shokz School: Why You Should Choose Open-Ear

Welcome back to another session of Shokz School! This time, we’re taking a closer look at the distinctive design that has helped to make AfterShokz the top creator of bone conduction audio products since 2011. Discover the story behind why AfterShokz products feature a signature open-ear design and become a product expert in just a few minutes! 

What is Open-Ear?

The key to creating innovative audio products is beginning with a strong design foundation. At the core of every AfterShokz product is its proprietary bone conduction technology. This perfected science allows the wearer to not only enjoy their audio, but also remain connected to the world around them for improved awareness and safety. 

The AfterShokz open-ear design helps to provide the listener with a rich listening experience by leaving ears literally open and unobstructed by earbuds used most commonly with traditional in-ear and above-ear headphones (such as Apple AirPods or Bose Sport Open Earbuds). 

Why You Should Choose Open-Ear Headphones: 


When it comes to AfterShokz audio products, safety always comes first! In fact, the improved safety benefit made possible by AfterShokz is one of the main features that make our products so innovative and the most trusted in the open-ear space among consumers. 

While in-ear headphones and earbuds block the ear canal to offer a noise-canceling experience, the signature AfterShokz open-ear design keeps the wearer aware of their surroundings and possible hazards, such as oncoming traffic, wildlife, and pedestrians, for a safer and more situationally-aware listening experience. 


One of the most-loved features of AfterShokz open-ear bone conduction headphones is that irritating, often painful, and sweaty earbuds jammed into your ear are a thing of the past. Due to our open-ear design, wearers who have a history of ear infections or ear sensitivities have seen a significant improvement in comfort when they wear a pair of Shokz. 

The physical barrier that in-ear headphones and above-ear headphones create is completely eliminated with AfterShokz headphones. In addition to the improved quality of comfort, AfterShokz are also easy to clean and keep disinfected; simply wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth after a hard workout. Get more tips on how to clean your AfterShokz here

Comfort & Stability

Thanks to our lightweight, titanium frame and our signature open-ear design, AfterShokz are so comfortable you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them. Unlike in-ear/on-ear headphones that bounce, shift, or continuously fall out with wear, the wraparound flexibility creates a snug and secure fit suitable for any high-impact or low-impact activity. 

Slip on your AfterShokz and go for a run, a swim, or even hit a few cartwheels worry-free. Thanks to the open-ear design, AfterShokz are certain to stay by your side (and on your head!) from start to finish. 


We don’t take the Be Open tagline lightly, and our open-ear bone conduction products are proof. Staying connected to your running buddies, coworkers, family, or environment is made easier with AfterShokz. Unlike traditional air conduction headphones that only allow the wearer to hear their music and block out the sound of conversations and ambient noise, AfterShokz allows you to enjoy your audio while maintaining a connection to the world around you, so you never miss a moment.

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