Image of a Magnetic Induction charging port on AfterShokz Aeropex headphones
Image of a Magnetic Induction charging port on AfterShokz Aeropex headphones
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Shokz School: AfterShokz Chargers 101

Welcome back to Shokz School! We’re boosting your AfterShokz product knowledge with a deep dive into all the different chargers that come with our devices. Learn about every AfterShokz charger and their capabilities in just a few minutes! 

All About AfterShokz Charging Cords:

Magnetic Induction Charger - (Aeropex & OpenComm)

The Magnetic Induction charger is compatible with AfterShokz Aeropex wireless bone conduction headphones and AfterShokz OpenComm wireless bone conduction headsets, but they both feature slight differences to best support their accompanying device. While both devices utilize a Magnetic Induction charger, the OpenComm cable is designed to support fast charging when used with the OpenComm headset specifically. 

This type of charging cord and port uses magnets to create a secure and powerful connection, which allows for more protected charging and long term battery life. When charged properly, AfterShokz Aeropex headphones deliver up to 8 hours of continuous battery life. AfterShokz OpenComm provides up to 16 hours of continuous talk time or up to 8 hours of continuous listening time when properly charged with the Magnetic Induction charger. In addition offering to all-day power, OpenComm is engineered with a Quick Charge feature for a faster boost. 

How Quick Charge Works on OpenComm:

For those times when you’re in a rush and you need power fast, consider Quick Charge your trusted shortcut. The Quick Charge feature is exclusively available on OpenComm. When plugged into the OpenComm cable, charge your headset for 5 minutes to receive up to 2 hours of talk time. 

How Moisture Detection Alerts Work On Aeropex & OpenComm:

As an added layer of protection, some of our AfterShokz devices are engineered with Moisture Detection Alerts for safer charging and prolonged battery life. Moisture Detection Alerts happen when water or other types of moisture (like sweat) are present within an AfterShokz device’s charging station. If these substances are present, the device will make beeping alerts to notify the user of the moisture, at which point they can stop charging and allow the device to dry completely. Currently, this feature is only available on Aeropex wireless bone conduction endurance headphones and AfterShokz OpenComm wireless bone conduction stereo headset. 

USB-C Charger - (OpenMove)

Currently, OpenMove is the only AfterShokz device that utilizes a USB-C Charger. This type of charging port is one of the most universally used among tech devices, making it the perfect choice for everyday, versatile lifestyle bone conduction headphones like OpenMove. The USB-C charging cord included with your AfterShokz OpenMove wireless headphones can also be used to charge a variety of other electronic devices, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. When properly charged, the USB-C charger allows for up to 6 hours of continuous OpenMove battery life. 

USB Charging Cradle - (Xtrainerz)

Xtrainerz bone conduction swimming headphones are one of the most unique AfterShokz products. Because of their IP68 rating, Xtrainerz feature fully waterproof protection, which means the charging port has to be secure and airtight for optimum power. This secure connection while charging is achieved with the help of a USB charging cradle. AfterShokz Xtrainerz deliver up to 8 hours of continuous battery life, making them top tier endurance and swimming headphones that are designed to work as hard as you do. 

Micro USB Charger - (Air & Titanium)

If you own an Android device or a Bluetooth speaker, chances are you’re familiar with the Micro USB charger. This charging port resembles a USB-C charger, but is noticeably smaller (hence, “micro”) in size, making it an ideal battery type for a wide variety of handheld electronic devices. 

You can find the Micro USB charger and charging port on our AfterShokz Air bone conduction lifestyle-endurance headphones or on our top-selling first-generation model, AfterShokz Titanium headphones. When charged in cool, dry conditions and using a secure power source, Air wireless headphones deliver up to 6 hours of continuous battery life for day-to-night versatility. 

For more information about how to charge your headphones, visit the AfterShokz Help Center