Shokz OpenComm headset
Shokz OpenComm headset
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Shokz OpenComm Headset’s Winning Award Record

It’s official––the Shokz OpenComm headset is a winner! Our customers and industry experts alike have put OpenComm to the test and our open-ear bone conduction headset has passed with flying colours every time. Check out the achievements that OpenComm has won so far and see why when it comes to headsets–– it’s number one. 

2022 Dealerscope IMPACT Awards

Category: Appliances: Audio - Headphones

The annual Dealerscope IMPACT Awards recognize exceptional products in the consumer electronics industry that are innovative, practical, and drive sales for Consumer Electronics retailers. 

TechRadar Work From Home Awards 2021

Category: Communication Drivers

This award program selects the best apps and gadgets that have helped the TechRadar staff work from home. 

2021 AV Experience Awards Finalist

Category: Best Individualized Experience 

This awards program recognizes the innovative integration of content, space, and audiovisual technology to enrich experiences.

2021 Visionary Spotlight Award

Category: Best Emerging Technology 

The Visionary Spotlight Award is judged based on a set of evaluation criteria, including overall innovation, as well as future industry impact of the nominated product or service; creativity, and ease of use.

2021 Smart Brief Innovations Award

Category: Productivity & Communication Solutions 

SmartBrief seeks out products and solutions that are helping business leaders improve employees’ performance, communication, and health & wellbeing in the digital age.

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