Mikah Meyer running while wearin AfterShokz headphones
Mikah Meyer running while wearin AfterShokz headphones
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Runner Mikah Meyer Launches LGBTQ Outdoor Organization

Running is a great unifier, but here at AfterShokz, we recognize that the running community isn’t a safe space for everyone until all people feel welcome to participate, regardless of geography or background. We chatted with runner and founder of the Outside Safe Space, Mikah Meyer, about his 200-mile #RunAcrossMN and the launch of his organization dedicated to creating a welcoming space for LGBTQ+ people in the outdoors. Get to know more about Mikah and his unrelenting journey to raise awareness and understanding below! 

AFTERSHOKZ: Are you comfortable sharing your pronouns and orientation with our audience? If so, what are they?

MIKAH MEYER: My pronouns are he/him/his. I am openly gay.

AS: Can you tell us a little bit about your both running journey and your personal journey?

MM: I was inspired to Run Across Minnesota by Canadian athlete, Terry Fox. He attempted to run across Canada in 1980 with an amputated leg in an effort to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Since I had already done something similar with a three-year national parks journey to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the outdoors, I knew completing epic adventures was a great way to bring attention to a cause. I was trying to launch the Outside Safe Space (OSS)—a new program designed to make the outdoors more welcoming to non-straight people—and had been getting back into running during the pandemic. So I figured running across my state was a safe adventure to pull off even with COVID restrictions in place.

AS: Now that the 200-mile run is done, do you feel you accomplished your goal of spreading awareness and cultivating community?