Rowynn’s Story: How Bone Conduction Helped an 11-Year-Old Hear for the First Time
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Rowynn’s Story: How Bone Conduction Helped an 11-Year-Old Hear for the First Time

You may recognize Rowynn and her family from our recent Instagram post here. She’s an 11-year-old girl living in California with her family. After failing hearing tests in her kindergarten class, she was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in her left ear due to the bones never developing. This past year, they discovered significant hearing loss in her right ear as well. Her family is learning sign language alongside Rowynn in the event she becomes completely deaf.

Her parents, Kyle and Taran, heard about bone conduction headsets and immediately went out to purchase a pair for their daughter. They were too excited to even drive home with their new pair of AfterShokz; they had Rowynn try them on right there in the parking lot. At first, Rowynn was not able to hear. This was devastating for her and her family, who cried alongside Rowynn as she continued to hear silence.

But, Rowynn’s father decided to keep trying. He knew her cochlear implants were behind her ears, so he decided to place the AfterShokz on her left side up against the back of her ear. For the first time in her life, Rowynn was able to hear sound in her left ear. Thanks to AfterShokz’ bone conduction technology, Rowynn’s family’s tears of frustration and loss turned into tears of joy.

Check out the video of their reactions here it’s pretty incredible. Thank you to Rowynn’s amazing family for sharing this video with us and making us cry happy tears too! Learn more about our bone conduction technology and how it works at