Woman in runDisney shirt wearing AfterShokz Air headphones
Woman in runDisney shirt wearing AfterShokz Air headphones
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QUIZ: Which Disney Villain & AfterShokz Headphone Are You?

Let’s face it -  the Disney Villains don’t get enough credit. Between crafting and carrying out diabolical plots, having a wickedly good fashion sense, and serving as the perfect foils to our main characters, these poor unfortunate souls have a lot on their plates. The 2020 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, powered by AfterShokz, is dedicated to these unsung and iconic anti-heroes. 

What would a good villain be without their sidekick? We’re excited to be your wickedly perfect sidekick for the 2020 Virtual Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend as the official race weekend sponsor! AfterShokz is an open-ear bone conduction headphone company on a mission to make listening to audio safer. 

Take this quiz to figure out which diabolical Disney Villain you are and which AfterShokz open-ear headphone is your partner-in-crime (and learn more about AfterShokz bone conduction headphones here!). 

1. How often do you work out?

A - 2-3 times a week 

B - Only when I feel like it 

C - 4-5 times a week

D - Every day 

2. Which of these would be your signature look?

A - A faux-fur coat 

B - Blue hair 

C - A seashell necklace 

D - Nothing. My presence alone commands attention.   

3. Where do you spend most of your time?

A - The office, running errands, shopping 

B - Around the house, commuting, in the Underworld 

C - Hiking, at the pool, in the ocean 

D - At the gym, the running trail, or the Serengeti 

4. What do you plan on using headphones for most often? 

A - Business, running, or just looking good 

B - Everyday activities, meditating, telling my lackeys what to do 

C - Swimming, meditating, or while I’m brewing potions

D - Working out, running, or tuning out everyone around me 

5. What’s your greatest strength? 

A - My ability to make people do what I want

B - My sense of humour 

C - My sass and flamboyance 

D - My ambition

6. Where is your ideal lair?

A - My old childhood home 

B - Underground 

C - Deep in the ocean 

D - A deserted cave 

7. What are our power colours?

A - Red, Black, White 

B - Blue, Black, Grey 

C - Purple, Black, Red 

D - Brown, Green, Black 


If you got mostly A’s, you’re Cruella/Air

Two words to describe Cruella de Vil would be business savvy (a third word would be fabulous). She’s a master at getting her own way and looking good while doing it. This is why AfterShokz Air is the perfect headphone for you; the 6-hour battery life and second-skin feel are designed to take you from ordering around your henchmen (office life), to high-speed car chases (rush hour), to running from vengeful dogs (fitness) and back again. As a bonus, it comes in 4 fashionable, earth-toned colours, to match any shade of faux fur coat. 

Shop Air here.

If you got mostly B’s, you’re Hades/OpenMove

Hades is the class-clown, life of the party type (at least when he’s in a good mood). When he’s in a bad mood though, watch out! His hair and face turn from their normal blue to a more fiery hue. That’s why OpenMove are the perfect headphones for Hades; their whimsical design matches your humour and fun-loving personality, while their versatility and colour selection are perfect to mix and match with your moods. They’ll keep you motivated and inspired while you plot to overthrow Olympus, and their dual noise-cancelling microphones ensure you’re able to communicate with those who are doing your bidding above-ground. 

Shop OpenMove here.


If you got mostly C’s, you’re Ursula/Xtrainerz

When you’re a strong, independent sea witch who spends her time granting wishes and stealing mermaid voices, you need a headphone that can keep up with you. AfterShokz Xtrainerz come with 4GB of internal MP3 storage (space for 1,200 songs), are completely waterproof headphones, and have a secure wraparound frame, so you can swim through your underwater grotto without worrying about them falling off. Xtrainerz also work in the water AND on land, so your music will accompany you even after getting your human legs. 

Shop Xtrainerz here.


If you got mostly D’s, you’re Scar/Aeropex 

Scar is an ambitious gentleman (or should we say gentle-lion?) who will do anything to hold onto his power. At the same time, you’re willing to wait and do the proper training before you make any sudden moves (such as overthrowing your brother from his throne). That’s why Aeropex are the ideal headphone for you; you need a high-powered endurance headphone with an 8-hour battery life to see you through all your training and schemes. As a bonus, the open-ear design will ensure you hear any rogue hyenas or wildebeest stampedes! 

Shop Aeropex here.