QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Model Is The Best Gift For Everyone On Your List?
QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Model Is The Best Gift For Everyone On Your List?
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QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Model Is The Best Gift For Everyone On Your List?

Shopping for the holidays is stress-free when you give the gift of open-ear listening! Whoever may be on your list, there’s a wireless AfterShokz product for them. Need a little help deciding who should get what? Take our quiz to find out which pair of AfterShokz is the best gift for everyone on your list in just a few minutes! 

#1 What kind of presents does your gift recipient most enjoy?

A - The newest tech

B - Everyday essentials

C - Products that they can use at work

D - Anything practical 

#2 What does your gift recipient enjoy doing most in their free time?

A - Working out 

B - Maintaining a work/life balance

C - Taking and making calls

D - Listening to podcasts

#3 What words best describe your gift recipient’s personality?

A - Active, adaptive, outgoing

B - Creative, multitasker, organized 

C - Professional, logical, hardworking

D - Practical, curious, down-to-earth

#4 Which option best describes the gift recipient’s relationship with you?

A - My workout partner

B - My close friend and/or family member

C - My coworker

D - My parent and/or my child

#5 How often does your gift recipient workout?

A - More than 3 times a week

B - Once or twice a week

C - Whenever it fits into their schedule

D - Not often

#6 What is your budget for this gift?

A - What budget? 

B - I’m willing to spend $125 or less 

C - I’m willing to spend $160 or less

D - I’m willing to spend $80 or less

#7 Which song, audiobook, or podcast would your gift recipient most likely listen to?

A - Anything by Lizzo

B - The Give Good Vibez playlist on the AfterShokz Spotify account

C - You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sicero

D - NPR’s This American Life

All done! Tally your results and see which gift is the best match for whoever may be on your holiday list this season (including yourself)! 


Mostly As - The Adaptive Athlete/Aeropex

Think of The Adaptive Athlete as the person on your list who seems to have everything already, especially if it’s something electronic and top-of-the-line. Whether they’re an avid fitness enthusiast with a demanding day-to-day or they simply prefer an active lifestyle, Aeropex wireless endurance headphones offer premium audio, powerful performance, and lightweight comfort for all-day action. IP68 waterproof protection, 8-hour battery life, and 8th generation bone conduction technology promise crystal clear connection and unmatched awareness. Shop Aeropex here.

Mostly Bs - The Multitasking Master/Air 

For the person on your holiday shopping list who prefers functional gifts over things that may be a bit more sentimental, Air lifestyle-endurance headphones are a perfect choice. A second-skin feel, comfortable open-ear design, and dual noise-canceling microphones make them ideal for taking conference calls while working from home or for use in the online classroom. The signature AfterShokz multifunction button also offers quick and easy control of audio, calls, and voice assistant with the tap of a finger. IP55 water resistance and 6-hour continuous battery life also makes Air the ideal productivity partner from desk to gym. Shop Air here.

Mostly Cs - The Big Boss/OpenComm

Is there an entrepreneur on your holiday list? Do you know a business-savvy pro who is always crushing their day job? Our wireless bone conduction headset OpenComm was made for communication and features an adjustable noise-canceling boom microphone, 16 hours of talk time, and a 5-minute quick charge for 2 hours of battery life. Allow the hustler in your life to work from anywhere, whether it be a home office, on the road, or during a walk around the neighborhood thanks to IP55 water-resistant protection and a lightweight design. Shop OpenComm here.

Mostly Ds - The Gadget Novice/OpenMove

Take the stress out of shopping for the person on your list who isn’t exactly technologically savvy. The power of bone conduction technology is that it can be experienced by everyone, even those of us who aren’t too hip on how to operate high-tech gadgets. OpenMove wireless lifestyle open-ear headphones are best suited for people looking for an introduction to bone conduction technology without too hefty of an investment involved. Shop OpenMove here.

Still can’t decide? Shop all of our AfterShokz wireless products here