QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Headphones Are Right For You?
QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Headphones Are Right For You?
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QUIZ: Which AfterShokz Headphones Are Right For You?

Are you in the market for a new pair of headphones? Did AfterShokz happen to catch your eye? The AfterShokz product line is quite the little family of powerful open-ear headphones, and we know getting acquainted with every model is the first step in finding the right fit. If you’re struggling with determining which wireless AfterShokz headphones are the best for you, we’ve got your answer.

Find out which AfterShokz wireless headphones are your perfect match when you take our quick and easy personality quiz! 

Quiz Questions

Q1: When purchasing new wireless headphones, which features (in no particular order) are most important to you?

A - sound quality, comfort, battery life

B - waterproof protection, battery life, sound quality 

C - comfort, sound quality, durability 

D - affordability, durability, everyday versatility 

Q2: What do you plan on using your headphones for most often?

A - working out, running, listening to music

B - swimming, working out, tuning out/meditating

C - working, running, listening to music

D - everyday activities, working out, listening to music

Q3: How often do you work out?

A - Every day 

B - 4-5 times a week 

C - 1-3 times a week

D - Not often 

Q4: When buying a new pair of headphones, which response best fits your opinion on the price?

A - I’m willing to pay any price for the best headphones. 

B - I consider headphones an investment and will splurge if necessary.

C - I want high-quality headphones at a reasonable price.

D - I consider affordability the most important factor when it comes to finding headphones. 

Q5: Which response best describes how important sound quality is when purchasing headphones to you?

A - Sound quality is the biggest factor when I purchase headphones.

B - I strongly value sound quality, but I also care about other important features (i.e., battery life, durability, comfort)

C - I want good sound quality, but I don’t want to pay too much for it. 

D - I want decent sound quality, but I don’t need the fanciest features. 

Q6: What would you say best describes your personal style?

A - Sleek and sporty

B - Carefree and cool

C - Smart and stylish

D - Simple and classic 

Q7: Where do you spend most of your time?

A - At the gym or on a running trail

B - On hikes or in the pool

C - At the office and on-the-go

D - At home and in the backyard 

You’ve made it to the end of the quiz! Tally up your answers and use our key below to discover your Shokz Spirit Personality type and meet your perfect AfterShokz headphones match. 

Shokz Spirit Personalities 

Mostly A’s - You’re The Athlete (Aeropex)

It’s no secret that for you, fitness is life. Aeropex are our newest, lightest, and most advanced bone conduction headphones, specifically designed for sport-minded people looking for performance, power, and premium sound. Your can’t stop won’t stop attitude is exactly why you need a wireless headphone that works as hard as you do, and these Aeropex are up to the challenge. Whether you’re training for a marathon, running a virtual race, or crushing a workout, Aeropex’s 8-hour battery life, lightweight design, and IP67 waterproof rating mean they can handle high-impact activities with ease. Add to that the sleek open-ear design, powerful volume and bass, and poppin’ colour range and you have your new favourite training partner! 

Mostly B’s - You’re The Adventurer (Xtrainerz)

You’re all about living life without limits, and your active lifestyle is proof. Since you’re always on the move and you rarely spend too much time inside, AfterShokz Xtrainerz are definitely the right choice. Engineered with an IP68 waterproof rating, Xtrainerz are the best headphones for swimmers because they can be fully submerged in water. However, they also feature several elements that make it a perfect on-land training companion or accessory for outdoor activities, water sports, and pretty much anything else. Our Xtrainerz also boast 4GB of internal music storage, so you can enjoy your music and other audio files from wherever you are without needing a connected device! 

Mostly C’s - You’re The Hustler (Air)

Most people would consider you a mover and shaker not only in your social circles but in your daily and professional life, as well. Comfort and functionality mean a lot to you, especially since you’ve been working from home recently. Air’s comfortable wraparound titanium frame delivers open-ear comfort without the bulk so you can listen in on a Zoom call easily. Dual noise-cancelling microphones also help ensure every call you take is crystal clear. Six hours of battery life and a sweat-resistant design means you can take your AfterShokz Air headphones for a run after you log off for the day. 

Mostly D’s - You’re The Novice (Titanium) 

If you’re looking for a wireless headphone that delivers everyday versatility matched with open-ear comfort, Titanium is the right choice for you. In fact, Titanium is the perfect choice for just about anyone interested in trying bone conduction for themselves, which is why it’s our entry-level model. The durable design, 6-hour battery life, and sweat and dust-resistant protection allow you to wear your AfterShokz Titanium headphones while you garden, do housework, or go for a run. Titanium also comes in a mini size for those with smaller heads, teens, and children, so you can enjoy headphones that fit just right for the whole family. Whatever your interests, Titanium headphones are certain to enhance your daily life and the fun colour options means you can showcase your style in a sporty way. 

Have more questions about a particular wireless AfterShokz headphone model? Click the “Get Help” button on the bottom right of the screen at www.shokz.ca to get assistance!