Image of Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones in the colors pink, beige, blue and black
Image of Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones in the colors pink, beige, blue and black
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QUIZ: Discover Your Shokz Summer Aura Color

Summer is a season that seems to put everyone in a good mood. The slower-paced days, breezy evenings, and long-anticipated vacations are just a few reasons why summer is always tied to some of our best memories and why it’s the perfect time to snag some Shokz wireless headphones

As you prepare to shift into the new season, there’s a good chance your mindset and aura will shift, too. Ever wondered what colour your aura glows? Take our quiz to discover the colour of your summer aura! Are you mostly As, Bs, Cs, or Ds? Keep track of your responses and tally them up at the end to get your results. 

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Question 1: What’s your favourite thing about summer?

A - The weather (beige)

B - The vacations (pink)

C - Trips to the beach/pool (blue)

D - Summer nights (black)

Question 2: What colours are most common in your wardrobe?

A - Neutrals

B - Warm colours

C - Cool colours

D - Anything black

Question 3: What activity best describes your ideal summer workout?

A - Strength training

B - Yoga/pilates

C - Swimming

D - Morning runs

Question 4: What words would best describe your personality?

A - Wise/Enlightened 

B - Caring/Kind

C - Curious/Imaginative

D - Hardworking/Focused

Question 5: What summer beverage are you most likely to enjoy?

A - Iced tea

B - A frozen daiquiri 

C - A cold craft beer

D - Sparkling water

Question 6: When exercising, what is typically your main fitness goal/focus?

A - Improve flexibility

B - Improve endurance/conditioning 

C - Improve athletic skills

D - Build muscle/get stronger

Question 7: What song best fits your summertime mood?

A - First Class by Jack Harlow

B - As It Was by Harry Styles

C - Moscow Mule by Bad Bunny

D - N95 by Kendrick Lamar


Mostly As - Your Shokz Aura is Beige

To many, you’re considered the person who has it all together. You may even consider yourself a perfectionist in every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to your fitness goals and your wardrobe. In nature, a beige aura colour is most often considered a white aura, which is as rare as you are. Your focus this summer should be on connecting with purposes higher than yourself and sharing your insights with others when they come to you for advice or support. Keep the balance within yourself throughout the summer with the help of Beige OpenRun Pro headphones.  

Mostly Bs - Your Shokz Aura is Pink

You’ve probably heard someone say they just “like your vibe” more than a few times, and for good reason. You’re amazing! Just like the colour pink, your aura is one that makes others feel warm and fuzzy for all the right reasons. Lean into your kind and loving nature this summer and indulge in as much self-love as possible. Pink OpenRun Pro headphones perfectly accessorize a restorative summer sound bath at sunset or a long, leisurely nature walk.  

Mostly Cs - Your Shokz Aura is Blue

It’s no secret that you’re a dreamer. Just like the vastness of the sky and ocean, your creativity and curiosity always have you thinking big and coming up with the most imaginative ideas. Your blue aura will serve you well this summer as you embrace the season of daydreamers and apply your open-mindedness to your health and wellness goals. Try a new workout activity or start a new challenge with Blue OpenRun Pro headphones close by through it all. 

Mostly Ds - Your Shokz Aura is Black

You’re the literal embodiment of the adage “go hard or go home.” If there’s a challenge, you’re always the one tackling it head-on. Whether you’re hitting the gym for two a days or you’re looking to become your strongest self, remember that in order to achieve greatness, rest and remaining grounded are key. Focus on how you can incorporate grounding techniques into your life and workouts this summer with a pair of Black OpenRun Pro headphones

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