Woman outside smiling and wearing blue Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless sport headphones
Woman outside smiling and wearing blue Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless sport headphones
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Quiz: Discover Your Shokz Spring Colour Palette

Shokz? For spring? Groundbreaking. Spring has sprung and we’re answering one of the most difficult questions of the season. Which Shokz wireless headphones spring hue are you? Take our quiz to discover your Shokz spring colour palette.

Question #1: What are you most looking forward to this spring?

A - The fashion

B - The warmer weather

C - The outdoor workouts

D - The rain

Question #2: Which song best matches your mood for spring? 

A - Easy by The Commodores

B - Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield 

C - Let’s Go by Calvin Harris ft. Ne-yo

D - Coming Clean by Hilary Duff

Question #3: What most closely fits your ideal spring workout? 

A - A leisurely hike 

B - Yoga in the park 

C - An intense trail run

D - Anything by the water

Question #4: Picture yourself gathering your gear for a workout. What factor is most important to you? 

A - Gear that shows off your personal style

B - Gear that keeps you inspired

C - Gear that stands up to intense activity

D - Gear that can adapt to my active lifestyle

Question #5: What is your favourite spring flower/plant? 

A - Field daisies (mostly white wildflowers with yellow centres)

B - Peonies (bright pink flower)

C - Dusty Miller (a grey perennial plant)

D - Bluebonnets (blue and white wildflower)

Mostly As 

You’re a Spring Shokz OpenMove White

Just like the fashion world welcomes whiite into the fold of acceptable colours to wear again this season, your headphone stylish due for a refresh! What better way to start the spring with crisp and brand-new intentions than with OpenMove in White? Enjoy 6-hour battery life, water-resistant durability, and our patented bone conduction at a stylishly affordable price. Shop OpenMove here. 

Mostly Bs 

You’re a Spring Shokz OpenMove Pink

Keep on shining all the way through spring with a pop of pink OpenMove. These open-ear headphones are just as vibrant and full of energy as you are. Inspired by the summit of the Himalayas, this colour is sure to keep you moving and your mood elevated. Enjoy our signature open-ear design and excellent sound quality when you add Pink OpenMove to your spring workout wardrobe. Shop OpenMove here. 

Mostly Cs

You’re a Spring Shokz OpenRun Grey

There’s no better time than spring to restart your fitness and wellness goals with a clean slate. All the more reason why Shokz OpenRun wireless sport headphones in grey are the perfect match for you! Power through the toughest spring workouts thanks to 8-hour battery life, waterproof durability, and ultra-lightweight comfort. Shop OpenRun here.

Mostly Ds

You’re a Spring Shokz OpenRun Pro Blue

Just like the spring rain, you’re poised and ready for a fresh outlook on everything, including what you need in a new workout headphone. Snag yourself a pair of our newest headphones, OpenRun Pro, in Blue to welcome a new wave of experiences, fitness goals, and more along with the season. Features like 10-hour battery life, quick charge, water-resistant protection, and open-ear comfort are ready to help you push your limits in your training regimen and your everyday life. Shop OpenRun Pro here. 

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