Woman running outside wearing AfterShokz OpenMove wireless headphones
Woman running outside wearing AfterShokz OpenMove wireless headphones
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QUIZ: Best AfterShokz For Your Summer Aesthetic

No matter what your vibes are this summer, from paddleboarding to side-hustling, there are AfterShokz wireless headphones for that! Take our quiz below to find out which model will allow you to have your best Shokz Summer. 

1. You have a last-minute, unexpected day off! What are you doing with it? 

A - Upping my one-mile run to a five-mile run! 

B - Brainstorming ideas for my new start-up company. 

C - Going with the flow and seeing where the day takes me!

D - Grabbing some friends and heading to the beach.

2. How are you staying active this summer? 

A - Taking my usual workouts outside to up the intensity

B - By exercising my mind 

C - Jogging or walking around my neighbourhood 

D - Paddleboarding, kayaking, or swimming! 

3. What’s your go-to summer song? 

A - Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen

B - Working for the Weekend - Loverboy

C - Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

D - Cake By The Ocean - DNCE 

4. What audiobook is next on your list? 

A- ‘26 Marathons’ by Meb Keflezighi 

B - ‘Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive In Life and Business’ by Charles Duhigg 

C - ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

D - ‘Why We Swim’ by Bonnie Tsui 

5. What colour does your summer wardrobe mainly consist of?

A - Bright red 

B - You can never go wrong with black!

C - Pink

D - Blue

6. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

A - Rainbow Sherbert 

B - Coffee

C - Vanilla

D - Mint Chocolate Chip 

7. What’s your dream summer travel destination? 

A - Patagonia! I’m all about adventure. 

B - New York City. I want to be surrounded by hustle and bustle.

C - Paris. I’m looking for a little bit of everything. 

D - Hawaii! I’m trying to catch some rays and waves. 

Quiz Answers

If you got mostly A’s, your perfect ShokzSummer model is Aeropex. 
Summer to you means being active, outdoors, and kicking up your workouts a notch. No matter where your activities take you, the IP67 waterproof rating, 8-hour battery life, and lightweight comfort make Aeropex your best adventure buddy yet. Shop Aeropex here.

If you got mostly B’s, your perfect ShokzSummer model is OpenComm. 
Warm weather can’t stop your hustle, because longer days mean more time to work on your business or get a head-start on your side hustle. Luckily, our bone conduction headset OpenComm was made for communication and features an adjustable noise-cancelling boom microphone, 16 hours of talk time, and a 5-minute quick charge for 2 hours of battery life. Shop OpenComm here.

If you got mostly C’s, your perfect ShokzSummer model is OpenMove. 
For you, summer is all about relaxing and going with the flow! You’re down for anything, whether it be an impromptu nature walk or running errands. With its entry-level price point, open-ear comfort, and 6-hour battery life, OpenMove is here for whatever moves you. Shop OpenMove here.

If you got mostly D’s, your perfect ShokzSummer model is Xtrainerz. 
Summer is your season! You’re all about getting that Vitamin D and spending as much time as possible outside and in the water. Our open-ear swimming headphones, Xtrainerz, feature 4GB of MP3 music storage, an 8-hour battery life, and are completely waterproof so you can take them on any adventure. Shop Xtrainerz here.