Q&A with Runner and Podcaster Lindsey Hein
Q&A with Runner and Podcaster Lindsey Hein
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Q&A with Runner and Podcaster Lindsey Hein

This month, we’re chatting with one of our brand new ambassadors, runner and podcaster Lindsey Hein of “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein.” Lindsey is an accomplished business owner, a speedy runner (hello, 3:11:52 marathon PR!) and a mom to four young boys. Welcome to the AfterShokz family Lindsey, we can’t wait to get to know you!

AfterShokz: Give us a quick intro, Lindsey!

Hi! I’m Lindsey, I live in Indianapolis with my husband Glenn of 11 years, our dog Cadence and our 4 boys ages 1, 2, 4 and 7. I’ve been a runner most of my life and have run 15 marathons since 2008. I ran my fastest marathon between giving birth to my third and fourth baby and am excited to get motivated to race another in the next year or so. I’m passionate about podcasting, running, and community. 

AfterShokz: You’ve had some amazing guests on your podcasts, including big names like Shalane, Meb, and Des. Is there anyone you have not yet interviewed that you would love to have on your show?

Mo Farrah, Alyson Felix, and Taylor Swift, though I don’t think she’s a runner. That’s ok, I’m starting a second podcast not running related so I could interview her for that one. :) 

AfterShokz: We know that you’re not training for any races right now, so tell us what your running routine looks like these days. Are you gearing up for any races in the spring?

Right now I am running pretty casually - usually around 5 days a week, 48 kilometres per week with a long run around 16 kilometres. I also am super committed to doing reformer Pilates once a week. I will likely do some races in the fall/spring, but I’m not sure what. I’m hoping the desire to race a marathon happens soon, but right now I’m happy staying fit and pursuing my work goals harder than big running goals. 

AfterShokz: You have been very open about your decision to undergo a double mastectomy after learning that you carried the BRCA gene mutation. What made you decide to get that test?

My Grandma had breast and ovarian cancer and was positive for the mutation, so my mom was tested. Since she was also positive, it was important for me to have the test as well, because if one of your parents is positive it puts you at a 50% chance that you carry the mutation as well. I worked up the courage to get tested after having my first son. My anxiety was at an all-time high and I was obsessing over it, so I knew I needed to face it so I could be armed with the knowledge to make educated decisions. 

AfterShokz: How did recovery from surgery affect your life? Did it affect your relationship with running?

Recovery from surgery went really well. If anything, it got me more excited to start running more. And at the time I only had one child so there were less moving parts then, so looking back it felt much simpler coming back to running. I took a full 6 weeks after my mastectomy and then again after my exchange surgery. 

AfterShokz: You recently launched the podcast network, SANDYBOY Productions. What inspired you to start that project and what are your goals for the network?

I am so excited about SANDYBOY Productions. I have been podcasting myself for over three years and have seen so many positive things come out of it. I want to create a solid community of support through the network for other podcasters. I am also constantly looking for new shows to listen to myself, and am motivated to bring on shows that will fit the bill of the other types of shows I would be excited to listen to that I feel might be missing from the podcasting space. 

AfterShokz: What three words best describe your running style? How about your parenting style?

Running Style: Casual, Attuned, Strong 

Parenting Style: Laid back chaos? No really, my biggest goal as a parent is to raise respectful, non-entitled, kind humans. I don’t care about big messes, unbrushed hair or matching clothes but I do hope my 7-year-old will hold the door open for you. Which he probably won’t, but I’m trying. :) 

AfterShokz: Ok, Lindsey, we’re going to flip the script and hit you with some of our “end of interview” questions. What is one thing professionally or personally that you would like to do one day?

Get this podcast network off the ground. More than anything, I hope my work can impact and inspire people to get outside of their comfort zone and try something that will have a positive effect on their lives. 

AfterShokz: What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of?

My podcast. Surviving the sleep deprivation of having small children. Kidding. Just a little. 

AfterShokz: What is one message you’d like to share with the world?

Don’t be complacent. Go after things that feel like they are out of your reach and comfort level. You will always wonder what could have been if you don’t try.