Pros & Cons of Downloading and Streaming Music with Your AfterShokz
Pros & Cons of Downloading and Streaming Music with Your AfterShokz
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Pros & Cons of Downloading and Streaming Music with Your AfterShokz

When comparing AfterShokz models, there are certainly a lot of features to consider. However, it’s safe to say that the most common use for our bone conduction headphones is to play music. A playlist ora favourite song can become the soundtrack of your life, so it makes perfect sense that you’d want headphones that are designed to keep you in tune. 

Whether you prefer offline listening or access to unlimited tracks with a little help from WiFi, there’s always a benefit to keeping your song libraries close no matter the circumstance. We’re sharing the pros and cons of downloading and streaming music with your AfterShokz. 

Streaming Music with AfterShokz

PROS - Wireless functionality and Bluetooth capabilities in our Titanium, Air, and Aeropex headphone models make them ideal for streaming your music or other audio files like audiobooks and podcasts with hands-free ease. 

In addition to connectivity, your AfterShokz Bluetooth headphones are designed to multipoint pair with up to two devices at the same time. For example, this means that if you’re working from home, you can enjoy streaming a podcast on your phone all while keeping track of your email notifications from your computer. Master multitasking without ever hitting pause! 

CONS - The biggest downside of our Bluetooth wireless headphones is that although they enable hands-free use, they still require you to be within a certain distance of a mobile device to operate properly. For those who prefer to travel light and without their phone nearby, we recommend using Xtrainerz for offline access to all your favourite audio files. 

Downloading Music with AfterShokz

PROS - Downloading music onto your Xtrainerz brings a whole new meaning to hands-free listening. With a 4GB capacity of MP3 and other audio file format storage, you literally don’t need anything else to get going. 

Inspired by swimmers and built to withstand being submerged in up to 2 meters of water for 2 hours, Xtrainerz are the only AfterShokz headphone model that allows for open-ear listening in, out, and underwater. You can take a dip in the pool or do a few laps while you leave your phone indoors or in a locker and enjoy your downloaded workout playlist completely uninterrupted. 

CONS - There’s no such thing as too much freedom. However, due to the nature of its waterproof and subversive design, Xtrainerz are not Bluetooth compatible and cannot support streaming functionality. This means that although they’re powerful enough to hold up to 1,200 songs or audio files directly on the headphones themselves, they cannot connect to another device. 

For those who prefer the option of streaming their music whether connected to the Wifi or not, we’d recommend giving Aeropex or Air a try! 

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