Product Spotlight: Meet Our Sportz Titanium Headphones!
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Product Spotlight: Sportz Titanium!

We know a lot of considerations go into buying the perfect set of headphones. Fit, style, budget, battery life, and function are all important factors. For people who love our open-ear bone conduction technology but prefer wired headphones or a lower price point, meet our Sportz Titanium!

These wired open-ear headphones utilize the same bone conduction technology and PremiumPitch+ sound technology featured in all our models. They are lightweight, flexible and durable, and they’ll hold-up in your workout bag, carry-on or purse making them a perfect headphone for athletes on-the-go. Additionally, the wired Sportz Titanium offer the longest battery life out of all our models. 12+ hours of charge means you don’t have to worry about charging them every time you leave the house.

Our Sportz Titanium come in 2 different models - one with a microphone and one without. If you want the ability to take calls while running or on the go, the mic model is a perfect option for you. The noise canceling microphone reduces surrounding noise to enhance your call quality.

Our wired headphones are also preferred by educators using them in classroom settings, our accessibility community, and anyone flying. Plug your Sportz Titanium right in to enjoy an inflight movie onboard.

These headphones will leave you open to hear the world around you, ready to tackle all of life's adventures.

Click here to check out both wired models.