OpenRun Pro vs. OpenRun: Which Headphones Are Right For You?
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OpenRun Pro vs. OpenRun: Which Headphones Are Right For You?

We recently introduced OpenRun Pro, our most premium sport headphones yet! We’re thrilled for you to experience this next generation of bone conduction headphones, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our tried and true favorites! 

We know the question on everyone’s mind right now is, “Should I get OpenRun Pro or OpenRun (formerly known as Aeropex)?” We’re here to help you figure it out. Read on to take our quiz on which of our sport headphones are the right fit for you. 

  1. How many hours per day will you use your headphones? 
  1. 8-10 hours 
  2. 0-8 hours 

  1. Do you anticipate getting your headphones wet? 
  1. No, besides sweat or the occasional rainy run 
  2. Yes, I use my headphones for water sports or often work out in extreme weather

  1. How important is sound quality in a pair of headphones? 
  1. Very important! I want to feel like I’m at a concert and hear every note, beat, and chorus 
  2. Pretty important. I enjoy good sound quality, but don’t need the latest tech 

  1. Pick your favorite set of colors. 
  1. Black, Beige, Coral, Teal
  2. Black, Grey, Red, Navy

  1. What does your headphone budget look like? 
  1. $180 or less 
  2. $160 or less 

  1. How important is headphone fit? 
  1. Pretty important! As long as it’s lightweight, secure, and comfortable, I’m good
  2. Very important! I want to feel like they’re made for me so I don’t even notice I’m wearing them

  1. How important is it that people can’t hear what you’re listening to?
  1. Very important. I want total privacy, and I don’t want to disturb my training partners
  2. Pretty important, but it’s not a big deal if a little sound leaks through 

Mostly As: You should get OpenRun Pro! 

OpenRun Pro, our most premium sport headphones ever, are ready to redefine everything you knew about open-ear listening with improved tech. Our new premium headphones feature the latest 9th generation bone conduction technology with two added bass enhancers for our best sound yet, and the same signature situational awareness and comfortable open-ear fit you know and love. 

Pre-order OpenRun Pro now. 

Mostly Bs: OpenRun is your best fit! 

Our top-selling wireless sport headphones formerly known as Aeropex now come with new packaging, a new feature, and a new name. OpenRun are engineered with outstanding sound, a long-lasting battery, and Quick Charge, to keep you aware and motivated while you power through any workout.  

Shop OpenRun now.