AfterShokz OpenMove and AfterShokz Air
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OpenMove vs Air: Find The Best Headphones For You

OpenMove, our newest AfterShokz wireless bone conduction headphones designed for everyday use are officially here! Now that there’s a new headphone on the block, you may need a little help deciding on your next AfterShokz purchase. To help make the decision a little easier,  we’re sizing them up against AfterShokz Air to help you choose the right product for you. Weigh your options below and compare the similarities and differences between AfterShokz OpenMove and Aftershokz Air before you buy!

What Makes OpenMove Different

When To Use OpenMove - These new AfterShokz headphones are perfect for commuting, doing work around the house, and enjoying a variety of casual outdoor activities. 

Comfort - Powered by bone conduction technology, OpenMove allows you to stay connected and aware of your surroundings. A lightweight partial titanium fit delivers secure open-ear comfort.

Sound Quality - OpenMove boasts PremiumPitch 2.0 sound quality, the same as our AfterShokz Aeropex model. Enjoy louder volume and richer bass than Titanium for an affordable price. 

Controls - We reimagined the multifunction button design so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the durable partial titanium frame, for a sleek meets subtle vibe that will match any outfit from desk to dinner. 

Additional Features - 3 EQ modes (Human Voice, Standard, and Earplug Mode) help create a more customizable listening experience. Simply toggle between each EQ setting to enjoy better acoustics based on your audio choice. 

Shop OpenMove for $119.95 in Alpine White and Slate Grey online now

What Makes Air Different

When To Use Air - Choose Air headphones for endurance training, handling business, and for everyday use. 

Comfort - Air features patented bone conduction technology that allows for quality audio without drowning out ambient sounds. The durable, fully wraparound titanium frame delivers light-as-air comfort for all-day wear. 

Sound Quality - PremiumPitch+ sound quality means crystal clear phone calls and a dynamic audio range that ensures your playlists sound amazing every time. 

Controls - Air features the classic AfterShokz multifunction button design. Positioned on the outside of your left transducer, tap the multifunction button to play, pause, skip, and take and make calls easily. 

Additional Features - Super-soft silicone and a flexible titanium frame lend a second-skin feel to Air for virtually weightless wear. Go from the office to the gym and everywhere else in between with nothing in your ears and powerful audio ready whenever you need it. 

Shop Air for $159.95 in Canyon Red, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, and Slate Grey online now

What Makes OpenMove and Air Similar

Battery Life - Both AfterShokz OpenMove and AfterShokz Air headphones feature 6 hours of continuous battery life to make music and calls effortless and efficient. Charge either headphones model for about 30 minutes to get up to two hours of power when you’re in a rush. 

Durability - An IP55 rating provides both wireless bone conduction headphones with added protection against sweat, dust, and moisture. Use OpenMove and Air for workouts, commuting, daily activities, and more worry-free. 

Learn more about OpenMove and Air headphones on our website.