Nutrition Series: Supplements Debunked
Nutrition Series: Supplements Debunked
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Nutrition Series: Supplements Debunked

Hi, ShokzSquad-Maeghan here! I'm the wellness consultant at AfterShokz and this month’s topic is all about Supplements. Specifically, the “magic” wraps, pills, shakes and cleanses that tend to pop up during Resolution Season. I’m not saying that they are all bad, but by no means are they magic. Some of these supplements can be used to assist in your health journey, but they won’t do all the work. So how do you know when or when not to use a supplement?

Fat Burners

You can’t pop a pill and hope it will burn your fat away while making up for your poor nutrition and lack of training. Fat Burners are thermogenic and will increase your calorie burn. How to get the most out of these supplements? Dial in your nutrition, find a workout plan you love, and follow it! Fat Burners are meant to assist a good diet and training program – they are not intended to be used alone.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

I love my BCAAs! But that doesn’t mean I jumped right into buying them. I did a lot of research, and it took me a few months to determine what brand, quality, flavour, etc. I wanted to take. These are by no means necessary, but they can help with muscle building. BCAAs will cause your body to continue protein synthesis while exercising, rather than your body stopping it due to the stress exercise causes. Protein synthesis is a critical factor in building and maintain lean muscle.

Protein Shakes

Everyone’s favourite supplement! Most people do not NEED to drink a protein shake. If you are not getting enough protein in the foods that you eat on a daily basis, consider a protein shake. Research the different brands and find one that you enjoy from a company you trust. Fueling your body is essential, and while protein can help, you don’t want to overdo it!

What nutrition topics do you hope to see covered in 2019? Let us know! Tag us on social @AfterShokzCAN and send us your suggestions.