Multifunction Button 101
Multifunction Button 101
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Multifunction Button 101

Welcome back to Shokz School! Class Multifunction Button 101 is now in session. We’re diving into the inner workings of our bone conduction headphones and their features to help you get the most out of any AfterShokz device. Today’s lesson is all about the easy button, also known as our multifunction button that can be found and operated on our Titanium, Air, and Aeropex wireless headphone models. Keep reading to get the scoop on all the things the multifunction button can do!. 

What is the Multifunction Button?

All AfterShokz wireless Bluetooth headphones include a multifunction button. It can be located on the outside of your headphone’s left transducer. Simply run your finger along the transducer while wearing AfterShokz and you’ll feel it! To put it in basic terms: the multifunction button is essentially your personal assistant built into your headphones. All it takes is a few taps of your finger to access a variety of commands and shortcuts for taking and making calls or controlling your music, making your everyday life easier and even more hands-free. 

AfterShokz Multifunction Button Quick Facts 

Although your multifunction button won’t actually power on or off your AfterShokz headphones, they can pretty much do anything else. When getting started with your multifunction button, it’s important to remember these three quick facts. 

  1. Due to the nature of the design, the multifunction button’s full capacity is only present on our Bluetooth wireless headphone models. This means that you will not be able to use the button on Xtrainerz in the same manner, since they aren’t Bluetooth compatible.
  2. Your multifunction button doesn’t control headphone volume. Thankfully, all of our AfterShokz wireless headphones are designed with in-line volume controls on the headset themselves for easy access. 
  3. If you’re ever unsure of your multifunction button capabilities, just visit our Get Help button located at the bottom right corner of our website for assistance from a Customer Happiness team member! 

Multifunction Button Commands - Titanium, Air, and Aeropex 

Play/Pause - Click once

Skip Forward - Double-click while music is playing

Back-a-Track (Rewind/Repeat) - Triple-click while music is playing

Answer a Call - Click once while a call is coming in

End a Call - Click once while on a call

Reject a Call - Press and hold while a call is coming in

Redial Last Number- Double-click while no music is playing

Voice Dial/Activate Voice Assistant - Press and hold for three seconds

Multifunction Button Exceptions 

Aeropex, our latest and greatest wireless Bluetooth AfterShokz headphone model, may look a little different than previous devices, but the multifunction button is still present (located in the same place) and ready for use with the same commands! Additionally, Titanium headphones are not equipped with back-a-track (rewind/repeat) capabilities, so it’s recommended to use your device to complete that action. Timing the clicks can be tricky when mastering back-a-track, so give yourself some time to practice before using the command in a real-life use case. 

Do you have any more questions about the multifunction button and its uses? Ask a member of our Customer Happiness team by clicking the “Get Help” button on the bottom of our website homepage