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Meet The AfterShokz ShokzStar Ambassador Class of 2021

In case you’re not familiar with our ShokzStar program, ShokzStars are our team of passionate, fitness-focused brand ambassadors that simply can’t contain their love for AfterShokz. ShokzStars work together to spread the AfterShokz love while cheering each other on to reach amazing goals, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome and introduce our fresh new group of ShokzStars into the 2021 program! Here are a few fun facts about our newest friends: 

Our ShokzStars come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and racial backgrounds, including Asian, Black/African-American, Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and more! 

The 2021 ShoksStars take pride in their sexual orientation and include members from the straight, gay or lesbian, and bisexual communities 

Quite a few of our ShokzStars are multilingual, speaking languages that range from French, Italian, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, American Sign Language, Portuguese, and more! 

It’s a family affair - over 36 of our ShokzStars are also superstar parents

At least 3 of our ShokzStars are hitting the books (as well as the pavement) this year as students

2 of our ShokzStars are dealing with an autoimmune disease that impacts them daily. 

1 of our ShokzStars is living with hypothyroidism while still staying healthy and active! 

1 of our ShokzStars put in the WORK for their Ph.D. in Neuroscience

1 of our ShokzStars ALSO put in the work to earn their MBA

1 of our ShokzStars is helping to bring inclusivity and diversity to their workplace by serving on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee

1 of our ShokzStars is a Marine Veteran. Thank you for your service! 

And last but not least…

1 of our ShokzStars is left-handed. Shoutout to all the lefties out there! 

Interested in becoming an AfterShokz ambassador? Applications for this year are closed, but get more information about the ShokzStar Ambassador Application Process next!