Meet Meb Keflezighi, Our Newest AfterShokz Professional Athlete
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Meet Meb Keflezighi, Our Newest AfterShokz Professional Athlete

AfterShokz is proud to welcome Olympian and marathon champion Meb Keflezighi to the family! As an AfterShokz Professional Athlete, Keflezighi (pronounced Kef-lez-ghee) will help share our mission of keeping runners inspired, entertained, and safe. 

Known as one of the greatest runners of our time, Keflezighi is the oldest marathoner to qualify for the US Olympics, and the only athlete in history to ever win the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon, and an Olympic Medal. While his many accolades are inspiring on their own, they all pale in comparison to Keflezighi’s story of perseverance, hard work, faith, and kindness that ultimately led him to become the legend he is today. 

After escaping a war-torn conflict area of the East African country Eritrea, Keflezighi immigrated to America as a refugee. During his high school years, Keflezighi was introduced to competitive running; the rest is history. The four-time NCAA champion and University of California Los Angeles alumn continued to hone his running talent on the professional stage after graduation and went on to succeed in the elite and Olympic arenas. Now a motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, and decorated athlete, Keflezighi is adding AfterShokz Athlete to his list of accomplishments through a meaningful partnership and initiatives with global impact.

Our patented bone conduction technology is disrupting the headphones industry with a safer, open-ear alternative to the traditional listening experience. Featuring thoughtful and cutting-edge design inspired by athletes, AfterShokz products have proven to be an essential training partner for runners of all abilities and experience levels––ranging from world-class competitors to complete novices. These reasons, among many others, led Keflezighi to align his personal brand influence and expertise as a running champion with the AfterShokz team and our dynamic product line. 

“No one has done more to advance the ways runners can stay entertained and safe than AfterShokz,” Keflezighi says. “By creating innovative products that allow runners to consume audio content while maintaining situational awareness, they’ve brought so many people into the sport and kept even more people running safely. I’m honored and excited to work with a brand whose values so closely match my own, and I look forward to helping them spread good vibes into 2020 and beyond.”

As part of his new role, Keflezighi will spread the AfterShokz message through social media, in-person events, and other special activations. These initiatives will kick off in December with his first appearance at The Running Event (TRE) in Austin, TX happening December 3-5. TRE Attendees will be able to enter for a chance to win a private shake-out run with Keflezighi before the Indie 5K. We will also be recording a podcast with Keflezighi at our TRE booth on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. CST. Make sure you stop by and say hi; you won’t want to miss this! 


To learn more about Keflezighi, his accomplishments, and his philanthropic efforts, visit his website. Be sure to follow along during all the TRE fun on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter