Meal Prep Like a Pro!
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Meal Prep Like a Pro!


Friends, I am only into the base building portion of marathon training and let me tell you, Runger is no joke! Before I started my marathon training journey, I thought runger was just a fun Instagram hashtag. Now that I’m running all these miles, I’m basically hungry ALL the time. And it’s super normal to think about food on every single run, right? Balancing work travel, family time, and Marathon training has me running around (literally and figuratively) so I tapped our friends at BibRave for some easy meal prepping tips to help fuel my training and yours. Here’s what they shared to stay consistent!

Keep It Simple

Think about the basics - protein, fat, whole grains, and fruits/vegetables. Each week, prep a few items in advance so they’re ready to go when meal time comes around. Roasted sweet potatoes and cooked quinoa are both a reliable carb base to help fuel #allthemiles. Stock up on pre-washed spinach to throw into eggs or your quinoa bowl for extra nutrients- like fiber, iron, and calcium 💪. Toss some chicken in a slow cooker over the weekend for simple shredded meat that can go in tacos, on a pizza, or in a grain bowl (see a theme here?), and more!

Condiments are Key

Eating the same thing every single day gets boring, right? Condiments are a super easy way to take what you’ve prepped for the week and switch up the flavours! If you love pizza, buy marinara sauce to add to some chicken and pasta. Are you a sucker for BBQ? Keep your favourite BBQ sauce stocked to make your pre-cooked chicken, veggies, and sweet potatoes into a tasty BBQ bowl. Salsa and good mustard are also super versatile. Insider tip  - Team BibRave loves Sriracha as a way to spice up eggs and salads.

Always Pack Snacks

Since running basically makes you hungry all the time, having healthy snack options on hand is essential. Team BibRave loves to snack on hard boiled eggs and avocado, apples with peanut butter, and the “Superhero Muffins” in Shalane Flanagan’s Run Fast Eat Slow. All of these combine protein and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Once you find foods that work for you, stick with them! It’s important to eat a variety of foods, but it’s just as important to keep things simple and enjoy the foods you eat. Julia from Team BibRave has eaten oatmeal with cherries, walnuts, hemp seeds, and greek yogurt for breakfast almost every day for the past 3 years 🤦‍♀️. It balances carbs, fat, and protein, and she never has to stress about what to eat for breakfast. You don’t have to go this extreme, but if you have a favourite meal that works well for you, keep things simple to help you stay consistent.

Indulge and Enjoy it

Meal planning doesn’t mean ignoring indulgences. We train hard, and we deserve treats! If you want ice cream after finishing a long run, go for it! Meal prep allows you to eat healthy 80% of the time, and enjoy the foods you really love when you really want them.

I’m still new to the game of fuelling for the run, but I like the ideas of simplicity and consistency. Most importantly, I plan to eat foods that taste good, make me feel good, while still enjoying my post long-run ice cream or burger!